Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In my own apartment

I've decided if I ever get my own apartment again, I'm going to:

have loose tea leaves in my kitchen rather than tea bags. I'll make pots of tea in china pots with a tea infuser and have different sorts to fit my mood.

I'll have green plants. I still haven't got my wandering Jew. Not only will I name the plants (the wandering Jew will be called Rabbi Greenbloom) but I'll talk to them and play them music.

I'll grow herbs in pots in the house all year around.

I'm going to have colorful towels on the towel racks out all the time. To use or for pretty, I don't care, but I still want them out.

I'll use my French press to make coffee.

I'll subscribe to a weekend morning paper.

I'll change the sheets twice a week.

I'll wander around the house in my skimpy nightgowns.

I'll eat dinner standing over the sink, out of the pan, by the light of the open refrigerator door.

Can we say pink bathroom?

Stencil Shakespeare comments on the living room walls.

And anything else I want!


Curley said...

I think that sounds like a great place. I would visit often. I wouldn't even care if you were in your skimpy nightgown. Maybe that can happen with the new job.

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Sound like a plan! Hopefully it will be soon.

Did I tell you that I just did my guest bath? Dark gray walls with pale pink accents. No one likes it but me!


PS Sam told me last night that the reason he didn't pursue me was because another guy was interested in me and was upset at Sam.

Ain't that some shit?!!

I just looked at him with my mouth open and then said "ummm, is there a reason that I didn't get a say???"! Men.


PPS WV in theodum-ass

Mellodee said...

Sounds like its time for you move into your own "nest"!

Mamarazzi said...

such FABULOUS plans!!!

I just wanted to stop in, as a fellow nominee, and congratulate you on your Top Blog 2010 Nomination over on The Blog Guide.

It is a thrill to be nominated in such great company!!

Lisa said...

hmmmmm... sounds as if you are giving this lots of thought. I hope you get it all!!
Hugs, Lisa

Maggie said...

Curly- I hope the new job makes it happen and you better visit often!!!

sam/P- I think the bathroom sounds awesome. And I can't believe your "Sam" said that- wtf?!?

Mellodee- I hope so! Cross your fingers!

Mamarazzi- thank you! And congrats to you as well!

Lisa- Oh it crossed my mind just a little bit- haha! I should've added "I"ll have a well stocked wet bar at all times."