Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The weather outside is frightful even if I don't have snow

I'm watching the weather channel and it's snowing in a good part of the United States right now. There are people who are having blizzards! And it's just November- gotta love that weird Mother Nature and Jack Frost annual love affair.

I used to live in the Wild West and I've been monitoring the weather in the town where I lived. And I cannot express enough how glad I am that I am NOT there right now. It's been between -7 and -23 for the last several days- those have been the highs. The wind is blowing in addition to the cold. And the snow! It's coming down like crazy. according to the weather channel, they have about 2 feet on the ground and are expecting about 14-20 inches. Again, I repeat, I am so very glad that I am not there in the middle of the cold, the snow and the wind.

I loved it when I was there. When I moved there I was a snow lover and a winter lover. I'm not sure what happened to me but I'm just no longer a fan. Oh, I like it being colder better than the sweltering hot summer. Most people who know me say I should live in Seattle because it has weather that would suite me; I don't know since I've never been there but it sounds good to me. Pardon me, I digress. Anyway...

I used to like winter. I would write long, eloquent posts about how much I adored winter and snow. Not so much. I hate the cold. The snow I don't mind so much but the biting cold, the harsh bitterness, the cold that seeps into my bones and won't let me get warm is what I hate. I still like the snow, I still like playing in it and driving in it doesn't bother me anymore since I've driven 2000 miles in a blizzard. But the cold that makes me feel old and won't let me get warm is what I hate. And last year was that sort of cold for weeks at a time and I couldn't get warm. It sort of turned my winter loving heart sour against the season.

All that being said. I hate the weather we're having more than blizzard and cold. Right now it's thunder storming. I live in the Midwest and it's lightening and thundering and raining right now. And it's about 65 degrees. It sucks. Oh, and did I mention the stupid humidity as well? I hate it. I want it to make like winter, get cold, and stay there. I wouldn't even mind some snow; however, if it was snowing here right now, with all the rain we've had in the last 25 hours WE'D have a blizzard!

Speaking of blizzards... well, I do like them. There is a part of me that would love an old fashioned snow storm. I like being snowed in and watching movies, reading a good book, maybe cooking something yummy. And as long as I have heat, electricity, and the Internet I would love a snow storm- I don't want much do I? But no, really, I like the magic of all the quiet that comes with the snowfall. I like knowing everyone is home and the world momentarily seems to stop and breathe. I like the respite from work, even just briefly. I'm still like a kid, waiting to see if I get a "snow day." Maybe that's why I like working in education- I still get Snow Days!

So while the rest of the country gets in the spirit of the holidays and enjoys the snow and some real winter, I'll be getting out my umbrellas and put my sweaters away.


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Curley said...

As I read this it is 32 degrees, so you might just get your wish. I even heard them say this morning that it might snow on Thursday. Glad I'm not going anywhere that day. Great writing.

Jean Hart said...

Yes, the blizzard it here, and it's a great day to stay in. I'm making peanut butter cookie, watching NICS and playing on the cumputer. SNOW DAY and couldn't be happier.

Maggie said...

Curly- well I don't want it to snow this week- we already have a break from school! LOL! And how would we get to the IHOP for Thanksgiving dinner if we have a blizzard?

Jean- I'm so jealous!!! enjoy!!!