Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good news!

Mac applied to 6 colleges and now is the waiting. Well, he finally got his first acceptance letter! (Please don't be his last!) and we are thrilled. I blogged about the school that treated him like a rock star- well, that's the one he got in, so far. Yay him!

And the good news on the Mac and school continues. Not only did he get into School 1, but they gave him a scholarship: $20,000, broken into 4 years of $5k each. OMG! I am so excited! he opened hi letter, told us he got in and we all jumped around, high fived and hugged. then later, like an hour, I pick up the letter to read it. There's an attachment explaining the award. I about fell over. He missed that the first time around. Even sweeter!

I worked at Alcatraz at the library last week and it was so good to be back. I hate that my friend who was the librarian won't be working there any more, but am thrilled I will be. It was completely insane and crazy, though, because she was trying to train me AND wrap up her book fair, but it was so very very good to be back. I'm sure I'll have more to report later!

My last piece of good news is about the top 25 blogs of 2010. I made the first cut! Thanks to all of you who voted for me during round one. The voting continues. So please go and vote for me again. It starts all over again with new votes. So we have to all go do it again. I would appreciate it if you would give me some more voting love. Just click the button in my side bar, please!

What a great day!


Curley said...

Way to go Mac! Congrats! Not to mention that the scholarship is a great incentive to accept there. I am glad that you are back where you belong job wise. I know that you really enjoy working there.

Wiley said...

Awesome! Go Mac!!!
And I am so excited on your behalf for the library gig. Karma rocks :)

Bragger said...

Congratulations to Mac! I am so happ for him....and you! Congratulations again on the new job. I hope it goes well for you. I so greatly admire your resilience. You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

What a great accomplishment. I am so happy to hear. It is not easy getting into college and it is harder to get a scholarship. I hope your hear only more good news in the future.

Evil Pixie said...

That's fantastic! And a scholarship to boot! Can't beat that! Congratulations!

Maggie said...

thank you thank you thank you everyone for your nice comments!

Curly- the job is going to be great and I'm excited for Mac.

Wiley- thanks girl! Glad to hear from you!

Bragger- aw shucks! thank you!

flutietootie- thanks so much! and thanks for reading and commenting!

Evil P- I know, right? I just can't wait for him to go now! (interpret that word order any way you want...!)