Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can you feel the love?

The other night a friend of Mac's called. Now before I relay the end of the conversation that I heard about, I want to tell you that this kid is a NICE kid. He is really sweet and generous. He's a good kid; doesn't swear or drink. He respects his parents and other adults. He's kind to everyone and has a good sense of humor. He's a little shy and a bit naive. He's also a good Christian kid; he seems to be one who walks the walk and talks the talk. That all being said...

This kid calls Mac and they're talking like boys do- blah blah blah... Then the conversation basically went like this:

Mac- "me too." *pause*
Mac- "well, my grandpa's in the room." *pause*
Mac- "no I'm not embarrassed, but..." *pause*
Mac- "dude..." *pause* Mac heaves a huge sigh...
Mac- "Okay, man, I love you, too."

Daddy-O is laughing hysterically at this point and then Mac said: "He says he loves you too, g'pa." Daddy-O is laughing even more and says he loves him, too.

I wish I would've been home to hear all of this, but hearing it second hand cracked me up!

Mac's mom


Lisa said...

Glad he can express his feelings! LOL
The cupcakes are sooooo easy!! Just cut mini marshmellows in half and roll in the colored sugar and it sticks to the sticky inside of the marshmellow and lay them on the cupcake. My 7 and 5 yr old nephews helped! I got it from a book. I am not that smart ;) They are pretty though!
Hugs, Lisa

Curley said...

That is a bit funny, but also very cool.