Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wiley rocks!

Wiley rocks. I mean, Wiley totally rocks. She's my loyal blog reader from "down under" as we Americans say about anyone who lives in Austrailia. And she sent me a present.

She sent me Tim-Tams. These are, unarguably, the best cookies on the face of the Earth. I know, I know. I feel completely disloyal to my former favorites, the Mallomars. But TimTams by far surpasses all other cookies... even the infamous Oreo. I know, I think I'm going to cookie hell for this.

But she sent me some a awhile back to prove how delicious they really are! Then I open my mail yesterday and guess what super treat I find in an envelop? A WHOLE HUGE package of Tim Tams. For me! A chocolate wafer cookie with chocolate filling, dipped in chocolate. The word YUMMERS comes to mind!!! They should be called "Almost as good as sex" cookies.

Thank you Wiley from the bottom of my heart, for the treat. Sent all those miles. To me. Wow. All because I was having a bad week. Thank you.

I think I have the best blog readers on the face of the Earth.


Shan said...

How nice of her! Isn't is great that blogging allows for such friendships to form? I like technology. I found you through one of my English blog friends that you visited once- Lynn from Cheltingham Daily Photo. We talk on fb more nowadays. I have an Aussie friend too! :D

Sorry you'll not see mail from me. I find mailing things to be hugely difficult in my head for some reason.

Curley said...

I knew that I should have opened that package of Tim-Tams that I found locally and tried them before I gave them to you. Way to go Wiley. You do Rock!

Wiley said...

Hahahaa... Glad they arrived safe (always a risk your postie will eat them!). Enjoy them!! And don't fear - Tim Tams are "biscuits", so you can safely avoid cookie hell, I think.

Anonymous said...

well, i'd sure love to try a 'almost as good as....." cookie! that sounds smokin' awesome!

ciao bella
creative carmelina