Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bring it back!

Why don't we still have...
  • cobbled streets anymore? They always look so cool and quaint. And with all the modern technology given to us in autos, they could surely handle the bumps. I mean, horses and buggies survived so cars surely could, now. Right?
  • milk men? I think the idea of a nice man in a nice white truck in a nice white uniform delivering milk door to door is a nice idea. I think glass bottled milk is better than plastic jugs or bags. It tastes fresher and colder. I'd never run out and have to make a midnight Wal-Mart run to supply Mac with milk!
  • more drive in theaters? It;s a sad concept that seems to have died out over the years. Very few remain the the country. Luckily, my hometown has one. This drive-in shows a double feature every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Usually they show movies that are very new, and even opening weekend shows. Shows start about 15 minutes after sunset. It's pretty cheap as well, like $10 a carload. The sound is good, too, because it's now over a radio station. A drive in is an easy way to smuggle in snacks. And you can go to the movie in your jammies- how awesome is that?
  • automats? Automats were a 'cafeteria meets vending machines.' Usually women worked in a kitchen, plating up fresh food. People would walk up to the machine front, place their money in the selected slot, the lock on the door springs free and you could open the door and remove your plate. And since it was cafeteria style, you could have as many varieties as you wanted to choose from and pay for. I like the idea of a glorified vending machine with fresh foods. Fast food that was coin operated- how cool was that?
  • poodle skirts? All sorts of other fashions have come in and out of style over and over again through the years, but never the poodle skirt. They were adorable and comfortable. maybe not always flattering, but comfortable and colorful.
I wasn't alive for automats, poodle skirts, cobbled streets or milk men but they seem so nice, even if antiquated. maybe we need more quaint in the world.



Curley said...

I remember the milk man delivering the milk. We would have a milk crate that sat on the front porch and you would put the emptys in it and the milk man would put nice cold full bottles in it for you. Love the drive-in. Wish we still went but can't get the teenagers to go. "Too Hot, too many bugs". Cobble stone streets. I don't think so. There used to be a brick street in the big town just to the south and I hated going over that.

Jimmie Earl said...

Maybe you were too young to remember, but we did have a milkman who delivered to the door. We had an insulated milk box on the front porch and Mom would leave a note of what we needed, and he would leave it and a bill. We put a check in an envelope for the next time he came.
When I was young, we had a bread man who sold bread, rolls etc door to door. He came on Mondays. We also had a grocery store downtown that delivered what ever you called in. My how times have changed. A little more quaint might not hurt.

sam said...

Maggie Mae,

You just made me feel old! I got stuck in the snow once when I was little and the milkman had to lift me out. I liked the little cap on the milk. I also used to get food from those machines. The streets were brick. Now poodle skirts I don't remember!!


Evil Pixie said...

We still have cobbled streets where I live - in the old town section. They aren't fun to drive on. People actually avoid driving on them because they can ruin a car's performance over time. That said, they sure look purty. :)

Leann said...

Well Maggie

There are still cobblestone street in a little town called Portage PA. And truth to tell my great uncle was a milk man there - I have a photo of him with his milk truck being pulled by a horse.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Bragger said...

From a cyclist and a motorcyclist - hell no to the cobblestone streets. They are lethal!

My ex was actually a door-to-door milkman before we were married. Unfortunately, no one ever mistook him for an intruder and shot him, which would have saved me considerable anguish.

I like the automat idea.

We used to go to the drive-in a lot when I was in high school, but we didn't see many movies.....

Maggie said...

Curley- I say go to the drive in WITHOUT the teenagers!! LOL! You know, just you and the Mister??!!!!??

JE- as soon as we started talking about it, I remembered the milk box on the porch...

sam/P- oh don't feel old! LOL- it's all good! And I think it's awesome you were saved by the milk man!

Evil P- sometimes it's all about the aesthetics rather than practicality!

Leann- a horse drawn milk truck?!? on cobbled streets? that's even better than I dreamed. How wonderful is that!?

Bragger- I wish someone wouldn't shot him, too. Probably would have made a much easier life. And better story. We can pretend, though...

And I have never been to the drive-in on a date before.

Lisa said...

Oh I so agree! I could really use some old fashioned slowness in my life!
Hugs, Lisa