Friday, July 23, 2010

Not such a cool Kool Update

What a disaster! Not what any of us want to hear, right? When school ended, Kool had passed all her subjects except for math. So she went from failing EVERYTHING at the beginning of 8th grade, to passing everything but math. We were also waiting to see if she passed either part of her state wide standardized testing. (If she passed, then her schedule would get her into some classes away from her bad influence peers) Either way she was going to high school in the fall. She also knew I wasn't coming back to the school system in the fall (because of the contract completion and budget cuts) and she knew I was teaching summer school at Alcatraz.

The last week of school in May she was busted and charged with minor consuming and public intox. According to her, she was visiting her dad and he let her drink. She was still drunk when she got back to her mom's house and her mom, the alcoholic meth addict, called the cops on her. So I left Kool with instructions to call me with her court date and I would go as moral support and to be a positive character witness, or something. I also made sure her cell phone was turned on so she could call.

Since school was out, I've called her several times and her phone was off. Her mom's phone was off. I've stopped at her house and no one ever answers the door. I've left notes on the door, all of which have gone unanswered. So... it could be obvious that she doesn't want to see me or talk to me, which I understand. Or she's not getting my messages... Anyway...

I happened to see Kool at the local video store twice this summer. The first time she said the phones were off and she'd been at her dad's house all summer and never got my messages. She hadn't been to court for her alcohol incident yet. She was having an okay summer. I tried to make plans but she said she would have to talk to her mom. She did say I could go to court and she would tell me the time; I knew the day. The never came, even though I arranged a tentative substitute teacher for Alcatraz.

The second time I saw her at the video store she was with her alcoholic meth addict mother. Through bits and pieces I guess she popped a second time. This time she was with 2 older boys and she was nabbed for breaking and entering and possession of stolen property. She had a court appearance for that and the judge told her "good luck", that she better get a good attorney because she'll probably be charged with Class D Felonies AND as an adult. She also told her unless her lawyer could work magic, she would be sent to... Alcatraz.

This is the point in the conversation where it went weird. Kool thought I was going to be working at Alcatraz in the fall. When I told her I was only there for the summer she momentarily looked panicked and then deflated.


I know when her next court day is and I know a paralegal in her attorney's office. I thought I might call to see if an appearance in court from me would help her. I dunno.

If I'm completely honest, if she was sentenced to time at Alcatraz, it could be a really good thing. She'd have clean clothes and 3 square meals a day (even if heavily starchy). Someone would make sure her homework was done. She'd get counseling and therapy. She could shower daily, have a routine, and overall, be protected.

What a mess. I wish I could've helped her. I wish I could've saved her.



sam said...

Hey Maggie,

Would she have done this so that she could be with you at Alcatraz?


Wiley said...

Oh geeze. I am so sorry. I think we all had such high hopes for Kool. I hope she can remember how good it felt to be successful at something and she wants to go back to that.
And don't beat yourself up over this, dude. You saved her for a few months. You made a phenomenal difference in her life. You can't live someone else's life, but be proud that you can motivate and encourage them - it's a rare gift.

Jimmie Earl said...

Yeah...what Wiley said!

Lilith said...

I wondered the same thing as Sam above!

Maggie said...

Sam and Lilith- I wondered the same thing...

Wiley and JE- geez... thanks. You made me cry.

Nancy said...

Geezum, Maggie. I can't even be sarcastic or happy about Pink Saturday which I stopped by for today. Okay, cynical me is in tears. I tutored for years, masters is in counseling, and so wish I could save all these kids. Each and everyone has the potential. How to overcome their environments? Oh, my, gosh! My heart is with you because I'm sure yours was broken.

I need to volunteer when we get to CA.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Don't know the history here but having had a son that was perfect and somehow went south... let her go and do her time! She will either come out ahead, as my son did! Or, she will suck you dry with to why it is not her fault. We tend to let self responsibility go these days - as my son told me - "mom, not your fault, I knew wrong was wrong".