Sunday, July 11, 2010


First, I want to formally announce that I have an adorable little niece and a brand new nephew whom I shall dub in bloggerville as Fab Finn.

Why Fab Finn, might you ask? Well, because he is Fabulous! And Finn? Because... and this is a dumb reason, but as good as any when trying to assign a moniker to a person who has only lived for a few weeks and hasn't had time to earn a nickname between the nursing, sleeping and peeing. So, I picked Finn because I'll never have another child but if I did I thought I would love to name him Phineas. I love Fab Finn's real life name, but all identities must be protect, so Fab Finn he is. And I tried to convince Bro and SisIL to go with Phineas but the request fell on deaf ears (isn't there some culture where the only Auntie, sister of the father, gets to name the baby??? Hmmmm???). So here, in my space in the blogosphere, I dub thee Sir Fab Finn. His big sis is the Divine Ms K, and I couldn't copy using the initial thing, so Fab Finn he is!

Now all that being said, I think I'm obsessed with Fab Finn. I've had to control the obsession, or I would be at his house every day holding the baby.

He's also amazing. He's just the perfect size to hold. He's a solid little guy and doesn't feel like he's going to break. He's also not squishy anymore. You know, the newborn squishy-ness when the baby is still sort of all curled up in womb shape. He's all elongated and flails his arms all around and kicks. He's also using his voice and will yell, which sounds funny having such a loud sound come out of such a little person.

What gets me the most about this adorable little being are his eyes. He just stares at me when I hold him. It's like he's memorizing how I look. Or he can see into my soul. He's so serious and intent on looking right into my face. He makes eye contact. He little dark blues eyes will just practically burn a hole. I wonder what he's thinking. I wonder what he sees. I wonder if he knows what going on inside my mind.

He's a pretty amazing and intense looking little guy.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on Fab Finn! I can totally relate, my first grand-daughter was born last month and I have truly fallen in love all over again! There is nothing like it in the world! Blessings, Marcia

Curley said...

If you have to have an obsession, this is the best kind to have. And from what pictures I have seen of Fab Finn, he is a cutie-pie. Then, his big sister, Miss K is beautiful as well. Must take after their Aunt.

Evil Pixie said...

Congratulations! Sir Fan Finn is very lucky to have you as an auntie (as is Divine Ms K).

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I think babies know more then we give them credit for. Hug him all you can.

booknut said...

I agree with you, Debbie's L'Bri. WHen Fab Finn (my son) looks into my eyes, I always feel like he knows what I'm thinking. Are like Maggie said, can see into my soul. And when he smiles at me, it just melts my heart. By the way Maggie, feel free to come whenever you want to see us!!!

Maggie said...

Marcia- thanks so much and congrats back to you!

Curley- aw shucks, thanks! They are both perfect! I just wanna eat 'em up!

Evil P- thank you!

Debbie- I swear he knows what I'm thinking and if he could talk he'd tell me some sort of sage advise... not that I think he's a squishy new born who looks like Yoda or something... heehee!

Booknut- you make beautiful babies! I love both my niece and nephew- and thanks for the open invite. If I was there as often as I wanted, I think you guys would start charging me rent! LOL!