Saturday, July 10, 2010

This hot weather sucks

I'm sick of the hot weather. Just sick of it. This is unseasonably hot for such a long period of time, even for us here in the MidWest. It sucks. It's gross. The humidity is killing my hair. I'm sick of staying indoors but after about 4 minutes spent outside I'm covered in sweat and hot and sticky and it's just terrible. Northern Civilization has a huge festival going on today and I thought I would go. But it's just too hot to be out in weather like that. It's too hot to even sit on a beach. It's the "stay inside and do cool shit" weather. But staying inside usually costs money. Or involves a mall, movie theater or stores- with other people. Ick.

The Weather Channel actually predicted a cold front moving in. These weather people are stupid and should be shot and killed and drawn and quartered at dawn (I realize the redundancy here) It's still going to be a high of 89 today with relative humidity near 80%. I have no idea what 'relative humidity' is and I don't really care, but it certainly pisses me off. In no shape or form is that weather considered a cold front. Weather bastards.

So my plan for today is to grab ITSam and head a little further north of here. Since neither of us are rich, I think the plan is to go to some antique malls and just browse around. Then there's a little town that has an "artisan village" where again, I thought we could walk around and see what's what. Then finally cap the day with a boat ride on a local lake. Other than gasoline for the car, a low cost day, it involves air conditioning, and some outdoors interaction. Unless he can think of something better to do.

I'm off to take a shower. Though I have no idea why I even bother since in about 30 minutes I'll be drenched in sweat and just feel an over all gross-ness that only humidity can do.

But... the upside... it's a weekend, I have nothing I have to be doing, and I can spend an entire day with ITSam. So, I think I'll quit my bitching...



Evil Pixie said...

Amen, Sister! The heat has to go!!!

Bragger said...

Love ya to death, but having a hard time sympathizing. It was 99 in our town yesterday....and we are headed SOUTH, for Pete's sake. The ocean breezes should make things more bearable for us, though. :) Stay as cool as you already are!

Maggie said...

Evil P- let's start a revolt!

Bragger- You are one hot mama which is why you can tolerate the heat! ;)

Really, I feel sorry for all of you who chose to live in the South and combat this heat all the time. It sucks. I hate it and have no idea how you do it. It's unseasonable for us here.