Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about the newest Sam

Stuff about the new Sam (let's call him ITSam):
  • He'll be 40 on his next birthday
  • He has an 11 year old son that he has joint custody of (active parent obviously)
  • He's the Second in command of our IT department for all of Alcatraz and all its subsidiaries all over the Mid West
  • He's bald and wears glasses
  • He plays the drums
  • He's divorced. And it's ironic because he's divorced from a woman what I went to college with and he and I went to high school. Just thought it was odd. All Kevin Bacon degrees of connectivity
  • His favorite TV show is also, like mine, The Big Bang Theory
  • He likes food- eating it and cooking it
  • He doesn't like to read
  • He doesn't smoke, but occasionally drinks
So far we went for tea, for ice cream, Starbucks, and for a walk in the park. We had plans to go for a drive but his car has issues so we rain-checked it, but he did offer to take me for ice cream or drinks again, but I decided to stay home and play Green Day Rock Band. Mac and I played for about 30 minutes and I jammed alone for about an hour. Love me some Billie Joe. And love me some Rock Band. Anyway, he and I are going to Northern Civilization on Monday for the day: book stores, coffee, dinner, museum... sounds nice. So there ya go.

All for now,


Curley said...

Sounds interesting, but doesn't like to read? That's weird. But the rest sound good.

Wiley said...

Doesn't like to read is concerning, but if he's up for a date at a bookstore he can't be all bad!

BTW, that so is not everything I want to know about this Sam...

Shan said... light!

sam said...

Have fun!


Maggie said...

Curley- he likes to read computer books, technical how-to stuff... so I sit corrected. LOL

Wiley- I hate to ask but.... *ahem* what else would you like to know? heehee! Remember, my dad reads this!

Shan- go go green!

Sam/p- thanks. i am.

Lisa said...

Woo-Hoo!! Sounds good to me!! Anybody who likes Big Bang Theory is a good one ;)