Friday, June 4, 2010

I planned around shoes

Okay, I planned what I wanted to wear this week around my shoes. This is a very big deal for me. When I was working at the middle school last school year, I resorted to wearing flats because I went from room to room to room as an aide. I traveled with my kids. And wearing my heels in that atmosphere was not healthy. Oh, not that my feet hurt, but it was rough on my shoes! I was in the hallway during passing period and kids don't watch where they are going so my shoes would get scuffed as THEY tripped over MY feet. Also wearing 3-4 inch heels is treacherous on wet linoleum school floors. It just screams out: BREAK YOUR LEG HERE! So I wore flats, loafers and other practical shoes.

Teaching this summer gig, I thought would be the perfect time to take my heels out for a spin. All the rooms and hallways are carpeted. I'm in the same room from 9am until 230 pm. The only walking I have to do is from my car to my classroom or from my classroom to the cafeteria, if I want to go eat there. But I had to plan outfits that went with the shoes and also meshed well with our HOT weather. I won't bore you with what I wore as far as my clothes, but the shoes... well... that's another story.

So earlier this week I took my new pink satin heels out for a spin (I'm not showing those here because they are my choice for my pink Saturday picture tomorrow!). And then yesterday I wore my red plaid 4 inch ones, and today I dared to wear a pair of shoes that I have a serious past with. My black spongy high soled flip-flops. Insert *bum bum bum* here!

The infamous black spongy flip-flops and I have history. I was dating a Sam many moons ago. We were in his apartment and listening to music. We were dancing. We were fooling around. And the people in the upstairs from us we "makin' whoopee". We were laughing and making fun of them. And then they were getting louder and louder. This Sam was a pretty tall guy and he was tapping or knocking on his ceiling which was their floor, which made the two of us laugh hysterically. So I tried to be funny and jump up to tap the ceiling, too but I'm short Even in these shoes. And when I came down... I landed... wrong... and twisted my ankle. Because the heel was so tall on the shoes.

I landed in a heap on the floor, and my ankle was throbbing and swelling. We were both laughing and crying because I was being so stupid. But Sam ended up having to drive me home and then carry me in the house. And the next couple days I had a wrap and ice bags on it and had to use crutches. All because I was being a dumbass in my big shoes. That was also the weekend I was supposed to meet Sam's kids but I couldn't move around too well, so he brought me roses and a peach smoothie and some kisses. He and I laughed about this for years! He said I didn't have to go to that extreme to NOT meet his kids.

Over the next few years I've worn these shoes rarely. I'm usually careful and respectful of the shoes. I don't want to them to retaliate again. And I try to not be stupid when I wear these shoes.

Gotta respect the soles.

Anyway, I went ahead and wore those to school today. I was careful and didn't do anything crazy. I mostly sat. And the boys in my class thought they were hilarious. They were impressed with how tall these shoes made me. They do have a 3 inch sole...

And I always remember that night with Sam when I wear these! Ah, good times!

In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae


Bragger said...

I think it is entirely appropriate to plan clothing around your shoes. I am not a big shoe fanatic, but I have a strict rule about not wearing the same shoes two days in a row. Love those plaid heels!

Evil Pixie said...

Now these shoes I LOVE. Being Scottish, how could I not? :)

Olivia~ said...

hello! these are some hotty mama shoes, too cute!

Mari said...


someplace in thyme said...

Don't you just love gorgeous shoes. Those pink ones with the flowers are over the top beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday and love the plaid ones too, Char