Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes all it takes is a little girlie time

Last night XRay Girl and I went out for a girlie night. We needed to get the heck outta dodge because we were both pretty tired of Dodge.

We went to Northern Civilization and hit the Half Price Books. I found Mac an SAT study book because he wants to boost his score by 200 points (good luck, Mac! Yeah, right!) but he wasn't nearly that thrilled with it when I gave it to him. I also found some almost new magazines for 50 cents- goooooooo me!

After the book store visit we visited the girlie version of Mecca. We went to a place to get pedicures. It's the place I used to go, 4 years ago, before I moved to the Wild West. And it was heavenly. Not only do they have foot spas with massage chair, but they also got a hot towel leg wrap, they take care of callouses and rough spots, and they do a 20 minute foot and left massage. Oh My God, it's about the most wonderful think on Earth. It was perfection, just amazing. Oh and I got my toes painted. The name of the color: Ruby Slipper Red. Because it has sparkles in the polish! Oh yeah, baby! I swear I almost fell asleep sitting in the chair because the massage felt so wonderful. I could just feel the stress trickling out my toes.

Of course we topped the evening off with some fabulous Italian food (which is only better in Italy) and a walk around the Target.

Of course we laughed and talked and giggled and just had a great time together, doing all those girlie things. Sometimes it just takes a night with a girlfriend to take the edge off!



september cottage said...

HI Maggie!!!

I know! Aren;t they fab? (the has)

Ladies Day begins in a few minutes - so if you would like to see more, and my guess is, they kept the best ones for today, google 'Royal Ascot' or 'Ladies Day Ascot' and go straight onto google images on teh top..... I can't wait!!!! I mean some are just hidieous, others fantastic!! IlLOVE it!!!

Have a happy and lovely day!
Nicola x

Cheryl said...

What fun! I love girl's night outs.

I just found out the beauty school near me does ten dollar manicure/pedicures. I guess, for ten's worth risking a student...