Sunday, June 27, 2010

I think I went on 2 dates this weekend... but I'm not sure

The reason I'm not sure has nothing to do with me being drunk or sober, but more of a "I'm not sure if this counts as a date" or not. Well, dates. Mac says they are dates. As do XRayGirl.

Back story:
Last Monday in the cafeteria at Alcatraz, a guy who looked vaguely familiar came over and talked to me: so good to see you, haven't seen you forever, what's new, what have you been up to, take care, see you around here, really good to talk with you type of things. After he walked away, I turned to the table of kids with whom I sat and asked who the heck he was. Oh that's Mr S. Well, for the life of me I couldn't figure out how I knew, if I knew, Mr. S. So I looked in the staff directory and lo and behold I went to HIGH SCHOOL with Mr S. Okay, at least that cleared that up. And I felt bad because now I was sort of rude and sort of standoffish to someone.

I decided I would find him the next day and apologize for being rude. Well, I didn't find him again until Thursday and I did apologize to him for maybe being rude but that I didn't recognize him, blah blah blah. He said no problem because he's changed since HS, and no worries. We chatted for a minute and he went back to his office and I grabbed some lunch.

Friday he found me at lunch and asked if I cared if he joined me and I said no, so we had lunch together. Alcatraz, since it's a private facility, had been given several million dollars about 2 years ago and they built lots of new stuff, so he gave me a tour, which was cool. He also gave me the inside scoop on getting a job there. He offered to email me with internal postings so I could watch for job openings, and we exchanged emails. And somehow he asked for my phone number and I gave it.

Now, here's the 'maybe' part of date one. We texted back and forth for awhile. Then he asked if I wanted to meet him for coffee or something. So I did. We met at the local coffee shop and sat and talked for 2 hours. He paid. Mac said it's a date.

So yesterday we texted back and forth a few times and he invited me to meet him for an ice cream cone; I said yes. He met, he paid and we sat and talked for about an hour.

The "he paid" part is simply FYI. And because Mac said if he paid, it's a date. Are these dates? Did I have 2 dates with the same guy in one weekend? The second time I felt the need to do my hair before I left the house.

He's nice. I like that we can talk about more than just high school. As a matter of fact, we haven't done any, as Springsteen says, "relivin' the glory days" or anything. Just talking. He makes me laugh.

Okay, so... Well, yeah. A guy from high school. Go figure.

This messes with my annual date record. I already had one this year; I think I've had 3 as of today. I think. Did I?

Just wonderin',
Maggie Mae


The Happy Homemaker said...

Hmm..tricky.I think if he invited and paid, they were definitely dates...especially for the ice cream.I mean the coffee could have been an old-friends-future-colleagues thing...but then to go for ice cream?Creamy, yummy, sensuous ice cream....Girl, that was SO a date.Woo-hoo!"He's nice...He makes me laugh." Those are great signs!Good luck:)

Lilith said...

I say if he asked you out, and you said yes, and then you went, and talked for hours. AND that he paid, those were dates!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think you had two dates. He did the asking, he did the paying, and you did the accepting. That's a date, sugar! :-) Even if it's for coffee or ice cream. And if you still don't feel it's a real date, just call it a date-ette! Whatever the case, just remember to let him lead. I know that doesn't sound like women today (and I'm all about equal pay, professional women and such), but it works. Even the experts say it does. Flirt like nobody's business if you like him, but let him do the asking. And exactly how do I know this? It worked with Mr. Magpie and stuck like glue! ;-)

Please keep us updated...


Sheila :-)

Shelia said...

Well, honey darling, I think maybe you did have two little dates! What matters is that you had fun! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Maggie my dear, this is what we lovingly call a "Sneek Attack Date". My son (beautiful, greek god-like, so nice) will sometimes do this. He isn't sure that a girl will date him (he's crazy- they fall all over him, truth... not a mother speaking) so he will opt for some very casual, fun, "let's just get coffee, okay" thing.

I feel this has happended to you twice! Especially if you feel you need to do your hair! You didn't say wheter you were excited to see him or not.

Sneek Attack Dates DO count as dates! Sorry to mess up your trackrecord.

But the big question is... is he nice, cute, personable, stable, fiscally responsible, funny, compatable... well, more than one question.

Darling post!

sam said...

Sounds like dates to me. He asked, you accepted. What's so nice is that they are relaxed and informal. Like getting with a friend.

Do you remember him now from school? Wonder how he changed.


xinex said...

Hmmm, I think it is a mini date. But whatever it could be, it sounds like fun, reminiscing the past and talking about what's been happening since...Christine

Maggie said...

Happy Homemaker- Creamy, yummy, sensuous ice cream I spent a summer scooping ice cream and never though of it as sexy but now I'm gonna be horny when I walked down the frozen food aisle! hehehe!

Lilith- holy cow- dates? me?!? Are the planets and moon all aligned or something?

Magpie- that's good, old fashioned advice and I'm completely gonna take it! thank you!

Shelia- I like thinking of them as little dates, and they were fun! Thanks for your comments!

Yvonne- Ummm, your son is beautiful, greek god-like, so nice ???? Um can you set me up on a "sneak attack date" with HIM?!? ;0

A sneak attack date- that's hilarious! I had promised my son Mac dinner so after about 2 hours at the coffee date, i said I had to go and he said that was too bad because he was going to suggest we get some dinner. I think he was doing the "let's get a drink" thing to see how it went, and if it went well, he was willing to suggest dinner. If it was a bust, he could say, "bye thanks for the coffee" and move on. I think I sort foiled his plan.

And from your list, what I know so far is that yes he's nice, yes personable, yes funny, and SEEMS stable and SEEMS financially responsible, and I think he's cute. Whew!!!!

Sam/p- the tribe is speaking and yup, sounds like dates. I vaguely remember him from school. And I also know I didn't know him very well at all. So, I have no idea if he's changed in personality. I remember him always being polite, funny and nice and in school and he's the same now, as far as that goes.

Xinex/ Christine- a mini date... that's a good name. And it was fun!

I have to say that most of you who've commented so far and typically "PS" ladies. you so rock with the romance stuff! Maybe Beverly should think about "Pink Saturdays present Romance" and do a love post with love advice- haha!

I LOVE this! thanks ladies!

Mary said...

I would view them as encounters rather than dates. Next time see if he will let you pay the bill. You probably should pay no attention to me. It's been so long since I've been on a date that my best line would probably be, "So, what's your major?" I think you get the picture. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

Bragger said...

See where the relationship goes. If it develops, then this was your first date(s). If it fizzles, it was just another loser wasting your time.

Wiley said...

They were totally two dates! Yay for you!!
The fact he texted you again and invited you for ice cream the next day seals it. He wants to get to know you more. Because you're awesome.

Now you just have to coax him to call you instead of text.

Jimmie Earl said...

Yeppers! Them soundeth an awful lot like dates to me. You know, I met your mom for coffee the first "date" we had. We talked for hours, too.

Shan said...

I don't know where my comments are going but this is ticking me off!! Oh well, I was a little excited when I commented at first on this one so I might have used a lot of caps yelling.

I can't wait to hear more about this. Of course they were dates. I like the way you are starting as friends. This is the way to go Maggie! Keep us updated!! :D