Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More tales of summer school

Well, a kid told me to "fuck off." He's met me for a grand total of 6 minutes in our entire lives and he's already swearing at me- talking about timing. And all I asked of him was to please not lay his head on the table. People usually tell me to "fuck off" after they've known me longer, and typically for far worse offenses. I mean, I made it through the entire first summer session and I don't think anyone even rolled their eyes at me, so this was an impressive first impression, I would say. Oooooo, see how influential I am?

This kid did NOT want to be in my class. I did NOT want this kid in my class after that. I asked him to please leave. Which I suppose was rather redundant of me since he was walking out the door and slamming it in my face as I was nicely asking him to go. And apparently my "mad" voice isn't a good one, because the remaining students said it was like watching Snow White get mad. Is that a compliment?

Summer session is starting out with... some color!

Did I mention the same kid walked out of my class yesterday after saying, "I don't want to be in here with junior high brats." (There were 2 seventh graders in this class) I was thinking, "Exactly WHO is the brat here?" but I didn't say it. And then I said "Oh give it a chance, it might be fun." He said, "I don't even get credit for this class" and he got up and walked out. I was offering to write him a pass but he didn't feel the need to wait. Wonder if he'll be back today- third time's a charm?

Now, my afternoon class is good. I have 5 kids I had last session and they are AWESOME as I knew they would be. Then I have five new ones; two of them are pretty good and the other three roll their eyes at me and whisper to each other that "she's not that cool." Well, EXCUSE me! And I am so!

No, seriously, I certainly don't take it personally and I hate to admit I sort of laughed when the kid told me to "f*** off" because I do think that's a first for me. And the boys who don't think I'm cool-- well, at least I CHOSE to be at Alcatraz, the court didn't send here, thank you very much!

The morning study skills class covered "muscle reading" and practiced it on Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"-- which they all through was a freakin' awesome story- and it is! We also covered some "dos and don'ts" of good note taking. In the film class we watched Hitchcock's Psycho and started Avatar, which isn't bad and we should finish it today (this movie's a 162 minutes- Cameron is insane!).

So, that's the start of my new school summer session 2... could make for an interesting week.



Curley said...

Maybe it would be better if he doesn't come back. But then again it would be great if he did and by the end of the session he admits that he enjoyed the class. Even if he didn't get credit for it.

sam said...

Hmmm, is it a good idea to show slasher movies to the residents of Alcatraz?!

Have you ever seen Lords of Dogtown? I loved that movie. Down and out kids in California who skateboarded and "showed the world". Set new standards in the world of skateboarding. Tony Alva was park of the group. I even watched the documentary narrated by Sean Penn. The boys might like that movie.

Too bad this class has some jerks. That attitude got them where they are today. A shame. Are there guards in case there is trouble?


Evil Pixie said...

I have to say, while I love teaching online because I don't have to deal with all that face-2-face crap, I also have never had the experience of being told to "fuck off" by a student. Then again, I've never taught kids before... it's always adults. I'm sure they tell me to "fuck off" in their head, but never to my face. I'm not sure what I would do if I did have the experience... Hmmm... I suppose caning still isn't an option.

Cheryl said...

Teaching kids that age is so hard!!! I taught college level drawing to kids who did not want to be there a year after I graduated college myself. They did not want to take me seriously and I went home crying more than once. Not an experience I want to repeat. You are brave!

Bragger said...

I would hope he doesn't come back. If it were me, I would have a hard time getting past that. Or telling him the same thing.

Lisa said...

Wow, school was never this interesting when I taught or was in it!
I got bit by a puppy today who was being a brat, but I don't think that is exciting as your day! Hope it goes better. I really was ok with Avatar but not thrilled. I guess the kids think it's cool! And yes you are so cool!!
Hugs, Lisa