Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Talkin' 'bout men

Maggie's dating stats to date for 2009 only:

Number of times I've been asked out by married men: 3
Number of dates with married men: 0
Number of times I've been asked out by single men: 3
Number of dates with single men: 2*
Number of planned dates that ended up being canceled: 3
Number of boyfriends this year: 1
Number of current boyfriends: 0

I've dated men who are short and tall, men who were skinny and fat. I've dated men who are black, white, and Hispanic. I've dated men who are college educated and those who've had only high school degrees and a couple with technical school degrees. I've dated men who are circumcised and those who aren't. Let's see, I've dated men who are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Spiritual, and non practicing. Apparently, I've dated men who are straight, bi, and gay. I've dated men who are are bald and those with hair: black, brunette, blond, and a redhead. I've dated via the Internet, guys who are old friends, blind dates, and men I've just 'met'. I've dated men who are employed, laid off, fired, in the military, and unemployed. Guys with tattoos (and without), guys with glasses (and without), guys with kids (and without), and guys with facial hair (and without).

What brought this on? I was asked out on a date and I told him no- I just wasn't interested and there was NO zing at all. I considered saying yes just to make the number of dates this year a little better or to have good blog fodder, but I just couldn't do it. It would've been a blind date and he wanted to meet for coffee. And instead of saying, "let's meet for coffee" he said, and I quote, "It would be nice to interact through an exchange of positive dialogue." Yup. Do I even need to go on?

And the other night Trooper and I were texting and he wants to get together as soon as possible when he gets back from his hunting trip. He misses me. Wonder which of the numbers on my stat list will increase? I haven't add this date to the "number of times asked out by single men" yet because no specifics were set. And it was via a text. And he had been drinking whiskey.

Just thought this was an interesting gathering of facts. I haven't been suffering from just a job drought, but also a men drought.

In a dating rut,
Maggie Mae

*I count all the dates with AIISam as one big date since he became my "boyfriend."


Curley said...

I think I would have told him no too. Dry as toast and definitely no Zing!

Maggie said...

Curley- totally toast without jam! ;)

Anonymous said...

You have out done me this year with number of boyfriends by one.



Maggie said...

P- oh I'm sorry. And you're right, it is sad. For both of us...

Wiley said...

Yeah, there's nothing like an exchange of positive dialogue... Wow.

You're fabulous though; no wonder he wanted to exchange things. So to speak.