Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who would you like to meet?

Okay, I've seen variations of this on several blogs and AlaskaSam did something like this on his Facebook, he said. (I have to take his word for it since I don't have Facebook and didn't see it for myself)

If you could have dinner with 10 people (together or separately) who would they be? They all must be folks who are currently alive! I would really love to know who everyone's thinking of right now. I have to say that when AlaskaSam showed me his list, I knew 5 of his 10; I was utterly clueless as to who the other 5 folks were on his list.

So, tell me who would like to meet. Feel free to respond here in my comments section, or if you do this on your own blog, leave me a comment so I can go read your picks.

And you can give a reason as to why you choose a specific person, or you can just gimme your list of 10.

Okay, here's mine:

1. President Obama- huge fan of this man, and I would like his ear for a few minutes to get his "off camera" comments on health care. I also want a job and would use this as an opportunity to network.

2. John Cusak- my future husband really should be meeting me soon

3. Johnny Depp- do I need to really give a reason other than he's the sexiest man to ever take a breath of air?

4. Martin Sheen- I've admired his career (and I always thought it was neato that he played advisor to the President in the film American President and then played the President on The West Wing. And at one time, when The West Wing was at its height of popularity, more people would've elected him to the Oval Office than the guy who was sitting.... shhhhh, I don't want to utter that Republican name here. ewww. ick!)

5. Lauren Bacall- such an amazing woman who could give all sorts of perspective about the golden age of Hollywood verses now

6. Monica Lewinsky- she got famous for blowing a President and doin' the nasty with a cigar. Hey, I'm curious, what you do next in life after that? Disneyland?

7. Colin Powell- the Gulf War happened at an interesting time in my life and he was such a major player during that (duh, the understatement of the century, I just typed) and he went on to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of the State and was considered as a possible Presidential candidate. I'm curious.

8. Michael Buble- I want to meet him if only that means he'll sing in my presence

9. Jon Bon Jovi- I've had a crush on him since high school so what the heck? Again, he's gotta sing (not country) and tell me about his 'movie' career.

10. Rita Moreno- she is one of the few people to have won an Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony. She was on a PBS show I watched as a kid and it was called The Electric Company. How do you do the Electric Company and still win the big 4? And she has a freakin kick ass voice- see her in the film West Side Story as Maria's older sister Anita. Wow.

Fixin' to serve dinner for ten,


Beth Dunn said...

Lovely idea! Lee Radziwell but only if she would tell me the truth about Jackie O and all of their adventures. She seems pretty tight lipped. xoxo


Maggie said...

Beth- she would be a good one! I'd always hoped there would be some big tell all memoir posthumously from JackieO but alas, not yet. Maybe after the death of Caroline?

Okay everyone,

One other person I wanted on my list but couldn't figure out who to bump (I seriously thought about calling the post '12 for dinner' and picking 11 people and I would make the 12th.... anyway)is Christopher Moore, my current favorite author. because he's my current favorite author.

Anonymous said...

Rahm Emanuel fascinates me. He's who I want to be when I grow up. If I could get him to sit still for an hour I would have him over for dinner.

Sam of the North

Maggie said...

Sam of the North (aka AlaskaSam): he would certainly be an interesting one to chat with. Bet he never tells any secrets either!