Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anything Goes

Last weekend Curley and I went to see our local community theater's production of the Cole Porter classic "Anything Goes" and it was awesome! Curley got me 2 tickets for my birthday and, of course, I took her with me!

After dinner at Applebees (I'm so shameless because I love to eat there. I know I know, but I do and I can't help it!) we went to the theater. We have a super nice facility here in Civilization, to the point where we get famous performers as well as traveling Broadway shows, philharmonics and other professional performers. This happened to just be a local community theater production.

"Anything Goes" is one of my favorite stage shows. It's pretty typical musical fare: guy and girl in love with each other but can't have each other so guy does some crazy things with a toss of mistaken identity to try and get the girl. Great music- I adore the sounds of Cole Porter, happy endings, fun show, lots of sexual innuendo, and just some hilarious slapstick make a wonderful musical.

And this show was amazing. I just couldn't believe it was done by locals. And the woman who was the lead was fantastic. She had a voice that could bring down the house. And this wasn't some ticky-tacky show slapped together with what could "make do." It screamed 'professional' all the way across the board from costumes to sets to the orchestra to everything. It was astounding and wonderful and I was so impressed. I loved every minute of it and was thrilled to see it. I'm also proud that mere mortals who live right here in my hometown could create such a professional looking show. Kudos to them.

It was a great night!

And many thanks to Curley for such a wonderful present and a great night!

It was de-lovely,
Maggie Mae


Bragger said...

I love ALL musicals. I'd love to see this one some time.

Curley said...

We will do it again.

Anna said...

sounds like a great time :-) its amazing what treasures linger in our towns! ... oh and I love Applebees too we can go together one day! :-) ~ Margaritas!

Maggie said...

Bragger- this is a great one!

Curley- I hope so! (I'm eyeballing those cheap STOMP tickets! LOL!)

Anna- oh the perfect margaritas there are da-voon! you are soooo on! Their Bahama mamas rock as well! yummers!

Wiley said...

I love musicals (never seen Anything Goes - I will have to search it out). My favourite performances have always been done by local groups. I saw Les Miserables (my fave) on Broadway, but I am adamant it was better when it was done in a little theatre in Canberra!

Maggie said...

Wiley- I knows it's on film if you can find it. It's black and white, from 1936. It stars Ethel Merman (who also played the character of Reno when it ran on Broadway for it's first run) and Bing Crosby. the sad thing is that Cole Porter's music was thought to be too "sexual" for the time period and all of Porter's music was cut except for 4 songs, and those had revised lyrics. The studio actually had Hogie Carmichael write new music for this film, rather than ask Porter himself. Bleh!

Don't confuse the original "Anything Goes" film from '36 with a newer version done in 1956 and also starring Bing Crosby (with Donald O'Connor and Mitzi Gaynor) because it's not the same movie at all- some of the music is the same but it's a totally "re-written" show with different story line and character names and everything! Ick!

See a stage show if you can- it's so much better and completely original in Cole Porter form!