Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friends with potential

For a few folks who've been inquiring about the status of "Trooper & Maggie" the status is: friends with potential. That's it.

He's still trying to get healed from his back surgery and it's not going as well as he was hoping. He's still trying to catch up on all his 30 days of back logged work as well as staying on top of the new work that comes along. He's still taking care of his kids (he has them half of the week or more) and helping his father farm- and it's harvest time for those of you who aren't in the "know" with farm life. And his area just got some snow, which can making farming and his job a bit of a nightmare. Gee- is that all?

He's still trying to figure out if he wants to make time in his life to date, and such. And when he'll be able to make time. Hmmmmm, when in writing, it sounds pretty bad. But we've made tentative plans to see each other sometime in November, before Thanksgiving; that's the extent of the plan.

But he and I talk and text a few times a week and all is well. We're still friends and might become more or we might just stay friends. So... that's it for the love and dating life of Maggie Mae.

Batting zero,

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Bragger said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that good things will happen. I want EVERYONE to have a man as worthy as mine. :)