Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I wish I was doing this afternoon...

...but what I am doing is laundry!


Anonymous said...

You do all those men and you won't be able to get out of bed for a week!!


Anonymous said...

Oh...... wait...........maybe that's the whole point. Silly me. It's been a while.


Maggie said...

P- ahhhhhh yes.... that IS the point! :)

Jimmie Earl said...

It's about that Army cot in the shed!!!

Shan said...

Hahaha-please be kind to your Daddio-:D

Can't tell who #2 is but we have very similar leanings in #'s 1,3,4/5 :D I of course don't think of these things unless I'm forced to in someone else's blog post. cough cough hugh jackman cough cough richard gere hack colin firth hack. Sorry, you got me choked up a little bit.

The guilt a married woman can feel even in imaginary world-I tell ya.

Maggie said...

JE- if i had the chance "do" this, i would gladly sleep in the shed! LOL!

Shan- would you like a cough drop??? ;)

And #2 is actor Scott Elrod who was in a tv show called "Men in Trees". yum!