Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm not sure you can call it an interview

Today was the big interview and I went in with a positive attitude that I was going to MAKE them WANT me. I had my resume and sample lesson plans. I had researched my status as far as licensing in this state. I had killer answers for questions about discipline, my education philosophy, classroom management, and teaching style. I had spent 45 minutes on the phone with the woman who's job I was interviewing for and grilled her over information about the 2 programs. I had a list of the standards for the classes I would teach. I was READY to kick butt and not even worry about taking names.

My interview was 3 minutes.

The assistant principal welcomed me in, said he spoke to the teacher in question and knows she briefed me on her classes, he said he knew my licensing status, and asked me if I had questions. I was so shocked that I said no but I did regroup and pointed out that since I had taught before I knew how to write lesson plans and meet state standards. I asked him if he had any questions for me and he said no, since I was a familiar face in the building. He told me he would let the head Principal know I was 'interested' in the position and tell him I would be in the building tomorrow, and he would give me an answer next week, either way.

Interviewee dismissed.

Ummmm, so. Well, between you and me, you all know I did want the job but after no many "no's" I didn't want to get my hopes up to high and hope. Well, maybe that was a good thing since all signs seem to be pointing to... well, pointing in not such a positive direction. I dunno.

I wouldn't say I'm usually a pessimistic person (I have my moments like anyone else but I wouldn't say it was my general attitude toward life... until the last 10 months I guess) but this doesn't sound good.

Guess we'll see by next week, eh?

Carpe diem,


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you will get the job! Will keep my fingers and toes crossed.....p

Bragger said...

It could be a good thing. If he already knew he wanted you for the position, he wouldn't have anything to ask. I'll keep wishing hard for you anyway, just in case.

Maggie said...

P- thank you! it's the toes that always make the difference! :)

Bragger- good point! thanks! I'm wishing, too!

Wiley said...

I am sure it wasn't a typical interview because they already knew you were more than qualified. In fact, perhaps they already knew you had the job sewn up. Keep the faith :)