Friday, October 30, 2009

Consider this a PSA, or a call out to all bloggers!

There's a whole web site dedicated to blogging every day, NaBloPoMo. I don't know all the details but I've been poking around on their web site and you can register and follow their suggestions and a whole lot of other stuff.

But, one important thing I do know: according to the web site, next month is Blog Every Damn Day of the month, or something like that. It's a challenge to all bloggers to blog every day in the month of November. You can even register at the site.

I blog every day. I think this year, so far to date, I've not blogged 1 day- I think. Anyway, I've decided to dedicate myself to blogging every day in November, to just keep on doing what I do. I even went so far as to make a list of possible blog topics that I'll write about this month (and of course ya'll can feel free to comment if there's something you want to hear about sooner rather than later) like:
  • libraries
  • what it was like to visit my Grammy in southern Kentucky
  • I love magazines
  • why you need to have a good sense humor to be a substitute teacher
  • fun with death
  • movies I want to see and why
  • obsession I have with hats
  • the first ever, first time, super special Maggie Giveaway
  • a blogging scavenger hunt
  • why to do lists are depressing rather than fun
  • Planned Parenthood
  • dead celebrities
So, I'm just letting you all know. Consider it a public service message. And I hope you all choose to blog every day, too! If you want to try it and join in, let me know you're making the commitment to do so in my comments and I 'll do something special for everyone. And form a support group.

Blog baby blog! Blogger inferno,
Maggie Mae


Wiley said...

I want to blog every day I just lead an incredibly dull life. But I'm going to try!

Maggie said...

Wiley- good luck! I promise to read every day and if you make it all the days in November, I'll snail mail you a prize! :)

And even though you might think you're dull, I bet you're not. I bet you have tons of stories to tell!