Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last chance!

This is the last chance you have to vote on what blog topic you want me to write about tomorrow! Pick one and leave your choice in my comments section, please. I've tallied votes so far and the number of votes per topic are in parenthesis!

a. the time I was 33 years old and at a college frat house party (stuff happened) { 1 }

b. the first time I found a dead body { 4 }

c. my re-occurring nightmare since I was 7 years old { 2 }

d. visitin' my great-grandmother's house in the hills and hollers of her old Kentucky home { 3 }


Cap'n Ergo "XL" Jinglebollocks said...

What? Hey! i just got here! Uh... uh... DEAD BODIES!! WRITE ABOUT DEAD BODIES!!

Finn said...

I've got to go for b - the FIRST time you found a dead body.
How many have you found??
Maybe I shouldn't assume these are human bodies...lying around like roadkill??

Maggie said...

Capn- OMG as I live and breathe my life is new and refreshing because YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!! Missed you!

Finn- nope real dead bodies, as in humans.

So, 2 more votes for dead bodies, which makes it in the lead with a 6 count in the voting.