Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's menagerie of thoughts

  • I'm trying to catch a cold apparently and feel like crap. Where ya sneeze and blow your nose and sneeze and blow and you just don't feel right, but not well either? I bet I have mad swine h1n87 flu. Yeah, and all the rain isn't helping and I'm sleeping like crap as well.
  • Remember to vote on which story you want me to blog about.
  • Something isn't right with blogger because right now I can type faster than it can put words on the screen.
  • I'm not sure I've mentioned this week how much I hate not having a full time job of any kind
  • And while I'm bitching, I have I mentioned this week how much I hate being single, or at least at this moment I do?
  • I'm subbing for middle school PE today. Please pray for me- or whatever you do that involves me and good thoughts.
  • Welcome to all the new readers of my blogs I see you lurking out there. Please feel free to comment anytime. I'd like to meet you. Unless you're mean. Then just continue staying quiet.


Bragger said...

Middle school P.E. -- shudder, shudder, horrors

I will keep you in my thoughts today and send good wishes that way!

Curley said...

Sending good health vibes your way. Hope you feel better by tomorrow so we can hit Chili or at least crafts since it's inside. Call me. Good luck with PE. Just remember most of those kids hate PE as much as we did.

Wiley said...

Teaching middle school PE with a cold? Dude, you have all my sympathies and good luck thoughts!
Hope you're feeling better soon. Add some rum to your morning coffee - I'm sure it will help :)

Anonymous said...


Just realized I didn't vote. I vote for:
"the first time I found a dead body"

Got back Tuesday but have been lazy. Wish I had brought my camera with me on my trip. I thought I was going to a dumpy redneck town. Turns out I was very close to Destin which is a vacation hotspot! We went to lunch there and drove around the area. The weather was hot which was a drag but the scenery awesome. Won't hesitate to visit again!


Maggie said...

Bragger- it wasn't so... bad. Oh hell, who am I kidding? It was icky. But thanks for the happy thoughts! I know it wasn't as bad since you sending me good stuff.

Curley- I'm feeling a little better today and we should still be on for tomorrow if the weather cooperates! (And those kids are mean; I think they enjoyed torturing the PE sub. LOL)

Wiley- if i could've gotten away with adding that to my coffee AND subbing middle school PE, it might've been a better day!

P- thanks for the vote. And Ive heard Destin is awesome- next time bring your camera!

I am so not ready for our cold weather that seems to have already set it. can i come visit you, even tho it's not Destin?

Beth Dunn said...

You crack me up! I'm scared for my first mean comment. Hasn't happened yet. xoxo


Maggie said...

Beth- I know what you mean about mean comments. It scares me too. I try to be funny and nice or at least 'tongue in cheek' about things so I hope I never get a mean one. I had to shut down my old blog because of mean comments after it was outed in the small Wild West town where I lived to the point of shutting the entire blog down.

Maybe we won't get meanies since we're pretty harmless!

And I'm glad you think I'm funny... some days, well... it's a stretch! :)

Anonymous said...

Come anytime. I'll just drag you with me if I have things to do! Southwest has roundtrip flights for $124.

I read a couple of blogs from Minnesota. It's friggin' SNOWING there. I still have my AC on which annoys me. I can usually turn it off at the beginning of September.

But......your blood oranges will be around soon!


PS Feel better!

Maggie said...

P- I've been looking at that price tag and I think I could do it. We might have to talk. I would love to come around Thanksgiving time, but I know it's family time and prolly blackout dates. :)

And you still have your AC on? wow! We finally broke down and turned on the heat since DaddyO and I have both felt like crap- he's been ill as well. And Trooper had snow at his place and where I used to live in the Wild West is COVERED in snow. Do you know how glad I am that I'm not in any of those places????? LOL!

And I got some blood oranges at Fresh market the other day but they were pretty sour. They were from Australia. I'm hoping the Italian ones (or Greek ones) are much sweeter like the ones I had in Europe. (Or the ones from FL!!!!!)

Anonymous said...


Thanksgiving week doesn't have the discount price. I have no plans that week....p