Sunday, October 25, 2009

An award for me? Who me? Awwww, shucks!

Thank you for award, Anna! You know I love award,s and I appreciate this one so much: The Honest Scrap Award! This is awarded for having a blog that you share Honest information about yourself on. I try to be honest, and if the last few days are any indication, then I might be TOO honest sometimes! But thanks again, for the award.

As with many blog awards, there are a few rules which are as follows:

1) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.

2) Tell those 7 people they’ve been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

3) Share “10 Honest Things” about myself.

Here are the honest things about me:
1. I think I'm not getting hired because I'm a bit overweight.

2. I love musicals. I don't care if they are cheesy and corny, I still like them.

3. I feel people should vocalize their opinions but in way that isn't hurtful to others. Now, I realize I don't always exercise this, but I really, really try.

4. I've worn the same polish on my toenails for 2 months. I forgot to take it off as it started to peel and now I'm just watching it "grow" off.

5. I don't look good in suits. You know, like a formal business suit? They just don't fit my body style, I guess. I just look out of whack. Even if I find a suit that "What Not To Wear" would pick out for me, I just look weird.

6. I'm miserable if I don't have morning coffee. Really. I would like to say that's a myth but in reality, I can be a real bitch if I don't have my morning coffee. When I taught college, my students would bring me coffee just in case I didn't have time to get any because they were scared of me without it. And with reason.

7. I liked smoking pot. I'm not elaborating and I'm not using it but I liked it when I did all those years ago.

8. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with my life if I don't teach.

9. I realize my "Number 1" Could be indicative of the following: I would eat an entire bag of Oreos in one sitting if guilt didn't get to me first. Or a package of Mallowmars, the world BEST cookie (thank Goddess they're only sold on the east coast!). Or a Wick's Sugar Creme pie.

10. In all honesty, I swear I'm telling the truth: I LOVE awards!

And now for the nominees:

a. The Prodigal Tourist- the man published a book. He encourages.

b. Knucklehead- he always makes me laugh.

c. JE- he inspires and loves me and is honest and just a great Daddy-O!

d. Evil Pixie: I met her under another name and I think the changes she wants to make in her life are admirable and I cheer her on!

e. Shan- she tells it like it is with much humor, grace and style

f. DNice- even though she's been blogging a short time, she is laying it all out there. My thoughts and positive energies are with her and Chef.

g. Wiley- she live half way around the world from her man who is at war and she has a high stress job but she tells it the way it is. Go her!

It was really hard to just pick seven, but there you have it! And thanks so very much, again, Anna, for the award!


Wiley said...

Thank you! But i don't deserve it at all. I am grateful for the pity vote, though :)

Anna said...

you truly deserve it :-)

Maggie said...

Wiley- oh yes you do and it was certainly NOT a pity vote!

Anna- thanks!

D-nice said...

Maggie, thanks so much today is one of those days that needed a ray of sunshine.

Maggie said...

Dnice- you're very welcome and you deserve it!

And I hope the day improves for you!

Knucklehead said...

Wow, thanks for the honor! And your last post on reading is right on. I'm in education, and I totally agree that kids are over-analyzed on everything. If you can't instill a love for reading, they're never going to read.

Maggie said...

Kanucklehead- you're welcome! I sent you an email and asked if you used to blog under a blog named "Margaritaville"?

And I think one way to instill that love of reading is to let them read what they what. Thanks for a fellow educators opinion!

Shan said...

Weh heh hell! You definitely deserve the honest blogging award. I like the way you burst forth with passion in your posts! Oooh that sounded like a different sort of award but you know what I mean. ;)

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for passing it on to little ole me!! I DO tend to hang it out there-sometimes more attractively than others-but really I don't say it all as it comes to my brain because I might sound like a total rump if I did. :D

Hope you had a nice restful weekend. xo

Evil Pixie said...

Wow! My first blog award. Thanks! I blush under the honor, and hope to continue to do it justice. :)

PS. I like musicals too. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers... All time favorite!

Maggie said...

Shan- well thanks, you're welcome, and thank YOU! I love your posts AND your comments!

Evil P= you're welcome.

7B for 7Bro is good- I love The Sound of Music, West Side Story and the Music Man!

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Aw, thanks darling! Really appreciate your vote of confidence. (Also love that great-looking cover in your sidebar! Aren't you marvelous!)
PS: And go ahead, have that cup of coffee in the morning! I confess, I've switched to coffee in the morning myself!