Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Meme!

Have you ever been to a Halloween party that you didn’t remember afterward?
Well, I remember bits and pieces of the party, not much of the afterparty, and the next morning was.... not my best moment.

What is your favorite costume you've ever seen?
I saw a guy dressed as a pack of Lucky Strikes

What is your favorite couples costume?
This is gonna sound weird but I always thought it would be fun to go with a friend as one part of Sherlock and Watson

Ever worn a home-made costume?
Oh yeah- I was a clown, a gypsy, and Captain Hook- all homemade

What was the sluttiest costume you have worn?
I was a "Naughty Witch" one year (Trooper, do you remember that?)

What are you going to go as this year?
I'm not. Well, that sounds crappy but what I really mean is that I probably won't go out of the house dressed up since I'm not going anywhere tonight; however, I am gonna wear a witch hat and cape, and a hot pink wig to answer the door for trick-or-treaters. (and my Halloween socks and flip-flops)

Have you ever done a Halloween prank?
not that I can recall

What was your craziest prank?
Nothing- see above

Have you ever done anything on Halloween that you regret?
nope, not any more. I had a chance for a "do over" so now I have no regrets on Halloween

What was it?
It involved Trooper, me in a naughty witch costume, a huge amount of vodka, and a Halloween Party

Do you believe in ghosts?
I think so

Have you ever seen one?
not exactly

Would you date a Vampire?
Not hardly, not even Edward

Would you date a guy that looked like Frankenstein if he was really rich?
Depends on how rich

Does one of your ex's remind you of Frankenstein?
nope, but my ex-husband's wife looks like Frankenstein...

Would you spend the night in a haunted house on Halloween for 100 dollars?

How about 10,000 dollars?

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

If a person were to give you a Halloween gift, what would you want?
A copy of Sweeney Todd on DVD- the Johnny D version, of course!

What is your favorite type of candy?
chocolate or gummi things

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating?
about 13 or 14, but I've some serious thoughts of going tonight. If I had a costume and a mask, no one would know I was an adult and not a teenager, right?

What was your most embarrassing costume?
I don't remember any that were embarrassing

Who would you rather hang out with on Halloween, a really hot guy/girl or your bffs?
Whomever would be willing to have fun! And I think XRayGirl is going to come over when she gets off work to watch a movie and have a Halloween drinky-poo!

Would you rather go to a party as a bride, a chicken, an astronaut, a sailor or a playboy bunny?
a bride

If you had to be stuck in a horror movie, which would you choose?
ummmmmm... Nightmare on Elm Street?

If you had to be the bad guy in a horror movie, which would you choose?
The bad guy from Halloween

Would you rather carve a pumpkin or eat pumpkin pie?
Well, since this is about Halloween I'm going to say carving since eating pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving thing

Do you like candy corn?
Sometimes (I like it best when mixed with peanuts)

What is the craziest thing you plan to do this Halloween?
Nothing crazy... Just gonna dress up to give out candy to the kids, have some Hawaiian meatballs and Halloween cupcakes, watch some DVDs and just chill

Are you the one who goes out and parties or are you the one that stays home and gives out candy?
I give out candy.

Hot costume or scary costume?
Hot and sexy anytime

Hot date or fun date?
Can't I have both?

Black rose or plastic skull?

Bats or Broomsticks?

Vampires or Zombies?

Murderers or Ghosts?

Pass out or freaked out?
I'm not good with either

Squeeze a hand or hide behind a pillow?

Left alone in a field or left alone in a old house?
left alone neither!

Stranger in an alley or stalker?
they both sound scary so can I say none?

What is your favorite scary movie?
I don't watch scary movies, but tonight I'm going to watch Practical Magic and The Witches of Eastwick, my non scary Halloween movies

Are you excited about this Halloween or do you not care?
Doesn't matter to me at all!


Hecate said...

"Does one of your ex's remind you of Frankenstein?
nope, but my ex-husband's wife looks like Frankenstein..."

OMG that made me LOL!

Beth Dunn said...

You crack me up! It's not weird to want to be sherlock homes--that is adorable!!! Thank you for your supportive comment. It means the world. Love the first question!!!



Maggie said...

Hecate- my ex husbands wife and my brother went to high school at the same time and according to my bro, her nickname at HS was "Frank" as in Frankenstein.

And Mac calls her his 'stepmonster' with good reason!

Beth- you're welcome- happy halloween!