Thursday, October 8, 2009

A visit from the fam-damily!

I have an Aunt and Uncle who live in the Lone Star state and they just came here to Civilization for a visit. It's my dad's brother and sister-in-law, just so you know the relationship, not that it matters but I do so like giving all the facts.

We had a great time; I hadn't seen them since my mom died. Dad has been to visit them several times since then and they've been here, but just not since I've been living at the house. So, it was a good time and fun to see them again.

I have to say there were a few funny things that happened during this visit. First, I think it doesn't matter that I'm a 38 year old adult; to them, I'm 10 years old. When we were trying to figure out a place to eat supper, for example, listening to them make a decision was hilarious and I was just keeping my mouth shut. because I was 10 again so it didn't matter what I thought.

Also, my aunt is always cold. really cold. It was in the low 60s or the high 50s the entire time they were here but my aunt was cold. One evening she sat in the living room in a long sleeved shirt under a turtleneck sweater with a jacket over top that- and then my barn coat was on. And the furnace was on in the house. I was comfortable in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. It was unreal that she could freeze in the temps of 60s and the rest of us were just fine. I felt bad for her but other than giving her more clothes and blankets there wasn't much I could do!

My Uncle is diabetic and he had to be super careful with his sugar, obviously. He does the insulin and such and he also watches his carbs. And my Aunt REALLY watches his carbs. She points out the carbs and fat content in EVERYTHING. After a few days I wanted to stuff my face with entire box of Twinkies. Again, no wonder I was feeling 10.... I know she's a very healthy eater and wants my dad and me to be more healthy because she worries about us- which is awesome to have someone love us so much- but I just wanted to eat without thinking about it.

And since I live in the attic now, which is also the guest room, I had to share my space with them. That wasn't bad at all, except I had to "clean my room" before they got here.... hmmmm, no wonder I thought I felt like I was 10. My uncle snores.

Anyway, it was a great visit. I'm hoping to get to Texas to see them next year since I've never been there. Daddy-O is going over spring break or maybe over Thanksgiving.

Nothing like family,


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I love your humour! Though I don't know you, I get the impression you speak as you write. A rare and ineviable gift!

Maggie said...

Hey Lady J- thanks for reading and following! And commenting!

And yeah, I do have a tendency here on my blog at least, to write as the words would come out my mouth- thanks for the compliment!

I hope you come back again again and feel free to speak you mind here as well!

And good luck with your size 12-ing! I'll be following and cheering for ya!

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you guys all got together! I'm afraid that I would be just like your aunt!! The 60's are cold damn it!! A couple of days after checking the train schedule to Chicago, there was a news story from there and people were wearing scarves!! I would have had a down hat on!!!


Maggie said...

Patti- well, I have plenty of warm clothes to pile on you! And if we turned on the furnace for my Aunt I know we would turn it on for you as well! Come on up! ;)

(I did wear a sweater coat yesterday AND a scarf but the sun came out and i shed both!)