Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm sorry, we're closed

Today I wasn't working ice cream and I wasn't called to substitute so I decided to do something I've been longing to do for several months now, before my schedule got to busy and I wouldn't have time. I wanted to visit all the cute little stores in downtown College Town. I went to a small liberal arts school in the Midwest (that's actually internationally known so if I named it here you would all recognize it since it make the US News and World Report magazine college issue each year in the top 5...) in a cute little, very liberal town that looks like a place out of a movie or book.

The downtown part of the town has some very unique shops and I've been dying to visit. There's a quilt shop, an artist studio, 2 used book shops, an antique shop, a boot/ leather's shop, an International Trade Fair Federation shop, an organic bakery, a tea room, a coffee house and a jewelry store that deals in second jewelry and originally created pieces. Guess what was open? The coffee shop, the jewelry store, the trade fair shop, and the boot shop. Everything else is closed. The town basically rolls up the sidewalks on Saturday afternoons and doesn't unroll them again until Tuesday morning. Just about everything in downtown College Town is closed on Mondays.

I ask you- who does this? Okay, well, obviously, they do! Curley and I went, and unbeknown to us, Monday is the day everyone closes. Are all these businesses closed because business is bad? Or are all these places closed because business is so good they can afford a day of rest? people complain that downtowns all over the USA are in poor shape- is it because of this closed on Monday mentality or is it closed on Monday because of the economy? Either way, we were sorely disappointed.

But Curley and I are known to make our own fun so she and I had a good time TOGETHER but we didn't get to see all the fun little shops. Guess we'll have to go another time- NOT a Monday!

Not such a manic Monday,


Hecate said...

I've always wondered why some places close on Mondays. I think they figure if they have to work Saturday then they should close Monday so they get two days off in a row?

Anonymous said...

Don't hairdressers trationally take Mondays off too?

When I lived in Gainesville there were small shops on both sides of University Av. I always wanted to start at one end and visit all of them. Never did.