Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things that totally irritate me

  • Our Internet at work is running about like old fashioned dial-up. This makes doing anything slow, arduous and just down right frustrating
  • Mac got a job 4 weeks ago at Taco Bell. He was told to fill out paperwork online and that took about a week because the URL didn't work and then one day it did. After he got it done, the manager was on vacation for a week. When she came back she said the corporate computers crashed and it would take a week to find all his paperwork. He called back a week later and she said it was all found and he was good to go so he had to call their General Manager. He called her and she said she would be contact with him in a week because she was going on vacation. For Goodness Sake, this is not brain surgery!
  • Working 4 jobs and I still have no money, no health insurance and feel like shit about myself all the time
  • Bill collectors. I realize I'm overdue on a bill and they said I had to pay a million dollars a month and so we negotiated down to a payment I could afford. EXCEPT they wanted 1 full payment up front, today, which I couldn't do. I had agreed to pay them 1/2 million$ a month starting in February and they were willing to cancel the whole thing and tell the company they were working with that I couldn't do it. Now, they were willing to throw out guaranteed money because they they couldn't wait until 1/16 for the first payment; it had to be today. Stoooopid arsehats. The late bill is totally my fault but I am WILLING to pay it but I need a few days to get the payment. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • having to return my Nook to pay for my car repairs
  • The university Mac quit last October didn't withdraw him; it's a paperwork glitch, I guess. He's trying to start classes at a community college on Monday but they can't give him financial aid until that happens.
  • having a period
  • health care in the US
  • Mac's bad attitude. He created this mess he's dealing with so he doesn't need to be cranky with me if he's so unhappy.
  • pantyhose
  • when networks cancel a tv show and the viewers don't know; it just never turns up on the appoint time and day, and I have to go Google it to see if it will be returning. Yes, Prime Suspect is cancelled.
  • when networks take a show I LOVE and split it into 2 seasons, giving it a stupid hiatus, like what happens with Glee and House
  • that the nearest Starbucks is 20 minutes away and the nearest Diary Queen is 15 minutes. I want both. Now.
  • dating

cranky Maggie

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Curley said...

There's an idea. A Starbucks/Dairy Queen restaurant. And in our hometown would be great. Know anybody that we could get to fund that?