Saturday, January 28, 2012


So after the wallet has been missing officially for 9 days, it was found this afternoon!!!!! In Levi's car!

This was after, of course, I cleaned my car (which didn't hurt anything) and Mac called his college to see if it was turned in. And we called the video store to see if it was turned it.

I was so glad we didn't cancel his ATM card and pay the $20 fee and then freeze the account for 30 days to make sure there was no attempted activity.

I hugged Levi.

Mac jumped up and down and screamed and whooped and hollered in the middle of the parking lot. He hugged Levi.

I told Mac if he ever loses his wallet again, he'll be in deep crappola.

I'm glad it wasn't stolen. I'm glad Mac wasn't a victim of identity theft. Who'd wanna be him anyway?



Jimmie Earl said...

Suggest to Mac that that is why pant manufacturers put back pockets on trousers. Put the wallet in them and leave it there until he changes pants. Of course, I laid mine by Bro's computer the other day and about panicked because I couldn't find it. There it was, finally. I didn't mention this to them because I think sometimes they think I am losing it anyway! LOL!
Glad Mac's was found,tho.

Evil Pixie said...

Yikes! 9 days missing before it was found... That would be absolutely nerve-wrecking. Nowadays, a lost wallet, more times than not, means doom on so many levels. I'm super glad it was found, and all is well in O'Sullivan land again. :)

Curley said...

Glad it was found. I can't say much since you know that I lost my favorite calculator the same way Mac lost his wallet. And I even looked in the truck for it and didn't see it but hubby found it there a week later.