Saturday, January 14, 2012

19. Leave a couple books around with inscriptions that they're free to those who find them

I left a few books for strangers. What I didn't think through was that I might not see people take these books. That didn't really matter to me, but I thought other than writing "I left books" there would be nothing else I could say.

I wrote on the inside cover of the first one, something like, "This is a free book. I read it and thought it was great. Take it with you and I hope you enjoy it, too!" Then I signed it "Maggie the Bibliophile."

I left one in a Starbucks and no one touched it for the 2 hours I was there. I have no idea what finally happened to it. I hope someone finally took it. I left One Day, which was recently made into a movie but it didn't have the movie cover so I hope someone took it. I looked on the shared shelf when I last time I was getting coffee and it wasn't there.

Another book I left on a bench in the mall. I sat for 45 minutes and a few people looked at it when they walked by but no one took it, at least not while I was there. It was an Anita Shreve book. I, again, have no idea what finally happened. I hope the janitor didn't throw it in the trash.

On the Shreve book, I stuck a sticky note on the cover that said "FREE BOOK" but it still just laid there for 45 minutes or longer.

Well, I did it. Gee, this wasn't a very exciting "40 before 40" entry... I need to get better at these.



Curley said...

I think this is a cool idea and I hope someone got the books and enjoyed them and maybe passed them on to someone else.

Lilith said...

There is a website:

You can log in your books, assign them codes, and then post when and where you leave them. Then you can track their "travels".

Maggie said...

Curley- thanks! I hope someone did, too.

Lilith- I saw that site and decided I didn't want to check it over and over again in case someone didn't track it.

Lilith said...

You can set it up to where it sends you an email when your books has been "found."

I've done it before and it was really cool to get that email, letting you know someone had found your book.