Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012- the year of the JOB

I've started job hunting with a vengeance. I just cannot financially, mentally, emotionally do this any more, and I need a full time job with benefits and some serious cash. I can't keep working 4-6 jobs and still not have it all come together- even though I'll probably still need a part time job after I get a full time to just get myself out of this financial hole I've dug.

I stayed at Alcatraz because I love it and I honestly thought it would lead to something full time but it just isn't. I thought this is where God led me but I think not. Guess if I can think He brought me there I can think He's telling me to heck with it. I also thought ITSam and I might get married and I could still work there and be on his insurance and financially we would've been fine. That plan obviously didn't work. So, I've kicked job hunting into gear.

Between last Friday night and Monday afternoon I applied for 17 jobs, all of which I found on Career Builder. These are all over my home state, except for one and it was in Nashville. Of these 17, they are all things I am qualified to do, and all but one are outside of education. I've decided I want full time, out of education, with health benefits, NOT sales, and I have a minimum salary requirement. I will work any shift and I don't mind weekends or evenings.

Since I did this, I got 2 flat out rejection letters. One was pretty generic and the other told me they had some better qualified of the 500+ applicants they received. WTF?!? 500 PLUS applicants? Who said the economy was looking up???? Wow...

I heard from 2 people. One hiring director said the position was just part time, even though the ad was for full time. Crossed that one off. One lady said my salary requirement was hiring than what the position offered but she was passing my resume to her area manager who would have an opening next week. So... just a hurry up and wait there.

I haven't heard from any of the others yet.

As I apply for jobs, I see one company might have 3 or 4 positions I'm interested in but I have to fill out a separate application for every job. UGH! I'm doing it but it sure would be nice if there was a button to click to apply for them in bulk.

I also wish I was an engineer, in the medical field, knew something about online marketing strategies, truck driving, or knew something about computers because after I sort out the crappy jobs ("work from home!", " online full time now!", " get paid to work from home!") and then toss out the military positions and the part time positions, the bulk of what's left is in one of those fields. And I am so not qualified for any of that.

Africa is off the table right now. I got an email from my cousin who worked for the FBI who suggested that because of "internal strife" and "unstable government structures" and "US military predictions" that I stay out of there... while I combed the international news looking for headlines regarding these things in the specific areas I was looking at I came up short. I emailed her back and she "knows things" the rest of us don't. Guess I'm crossing Africa off the list for now!

So far, I've stayed here in my home state but AlaskaSam suggested I apply for a job in Anchorage. I am. I will. I'm going to. Tonight, I think. That could be... interesting.

I really, REALLY want to work in Ireland or England but I have no idea how to go about that. It's on my list to learn.

Operation JOB is in full swing. If any of you have any connections to anything that I might be able to do, email me with specifics please!!!

It's time to move on.


Mellodee said...

Actually I think things have improved on the job market. Three years ago (just before I gave up and took early retirement), I received a reply from one employer saying they had received over 2,000 applications for the Exec. Asst position I had applied for....including several PhDs who were willing to take any job in any field. (I didn't get the job, but at least I got an interview!) So 500 applicants is an improvement over 2,000....sort of. lol!!

(The word verification thing below is "ousside"....maybe that means you are right to look "ousside" the education box!! LOL!)

Lilith said...

We need to get together one day and have an applyfest!

We could bring our computers, steal a table at Starbucks, get some drinks and chit chat while we both look for new work!

Curley said...

You go girl! Good Luck.

Bragger said...

My Sweet Girl is in the same predicament. With a mortgage on a condo that's not NEARLY worth what she owes on it. Fingers crossed for both of you...