Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kitchen Essentials

I like cooking. Actually I love cooking. I wish I had more money so I could get more creative, and I wished in a bigger city so I had access to a larger pool of funky ingredients. But regardless of foodstuffs or location, there are certain things I need in my kitchen no matter what. I've found that if I live here, the Wild West or just anyplace where I've had a kitchen, I find I want the same things over and over again.

Every single kitchen must have aluminum foil. I use this all the time- in the oven and out. I cover cooking casseroles or tent it over stuff. Or wrap up left overs- whatever. I find if I'm doing something in the kitchen and am out of foil, I'm at a loss. And thankfully I can buy rolls of it for a $1 at Dollar Tree!!!

I think every kitchen needs 4-5 mixing bowls in various sizes, and at least one should be glass so it can go in the microwave. I find when I bake I need one for dry ingredients and one for wet and then always one to whisk the eggs in before I add to the rest of the recipe. Mixing bowls are a must- and lots of them. I like to stack them, too, like the Russian Matryoshka dolls.

Every kitchen needs multiple amounts of 9x13 pans, preferably glass ones with lids. I like to make a pan of brownies and a casserole at the same time so I need at least 2 pans. I like to have a few extra just to be on the safe side. I like the Pyrex Portables the best. And they stack nicely, too.

Wooden spoons and rubber spatulas are necessary. I like LOTS of wooden spoons. I used them for everything. I like that they can be used with any sort of pan- glass, non stick, plastic. The wooden spoon doesn't scratch anything. (And it's good to smack your kids with, too, or so my mom believed!!)

Tupperware containers are a must for every kitchen. And it doesn't have to be the Tupperware name brand; I like the disposable Glad containers or even Rubbermaid or Ziploc. It doesn't matter but I like those to store leftovers or use them to carry my lunch. And they're also good for things like paperclips, rubberbands, and other desk/ office supplies. Or for sewing or scrapbook stuff.

Non-stick spray like Pam. No kidding. Love it. I've been cooking and been out of it and I've stopped in the middle of meal prep to go and buy some.

I'm a firm believer in bottle scrub brushes. I clean everything with these.

I like lots of towels because I believe in kitchen cooties so I like to use a different one to dry dishes and another one to dray hands and another to wipe counters and another... well, you catch my drift. I also have several sets of measuring spoons and measuring cups.

The best thing of all, that I think every kitchen needs, is a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I do not have one of these but Daddy-O has one. I use it all the time. I have no idea how I lived all these years without one. OMG- it makes everything easier. I never want to use a hand held mixer again. It's an amazing "gadget". I might never move out of Daddy-O's house because of the Kitchen Aid Mixer. And allegedly there are attachments like a pasta maker! And the best part of all- these suckers come in PINK! Once, a long time ago, Curly said she'd buy me a pink one for a wedding gift if I ever married again. I often date a man and wonder if he's worth a mixer. Seriously. And the bowl has a handle! I have to say that other mixers are study like this and are pink but in this case, I honestly believe that the Kitchen Aid name brand/ product is necessary- no generic or knock offs. I love this thing.

So, other than food, I think these are the essentials that make cooking easier and fun. I think I'm gonna go and make something.... I'm hungry!

Chef Maggie


Curley said...

If you get married just to get a Kitchen Aid, I'm gonna have you hauled off to the luny bin. Although the pink is pretty.

Evil Pixie said...

Don't forget every kitchen needs a good set of cutting knives and several wire whisks. I like your pink Kitchen Aid, but I dream of an orange one. :)

Maggie said...

Curly- if I got to the looney bin, can I cook? Will it be quiet there? Tell me I can sleep and read and Mac can't visit, right?

And a Kitchen Aid mixer...well, there are worse reasons to get married. Be glad you didn't offer me a new car or we'd be celebration an anniversary! Bwahahahahaha!

Evil P- I have no good knives yet. I would love that, someday. Or to learn how to sharpen a knife... haha! And agreed on the whisks!

And did you know the Kitchen Aid mixer DOES come in orange?