Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love the Christmas Tree!

The Christmas tree is still up and it's all my fault. I LOVE Christmas trees. I do. Daddy-O was going to take it down before he left 'on vacation'. He was going to take it down on Christmas day or the day after and I couldn't bear it so I promised I could take care of it. Then he left a few weeks later and he was going to take it down and again, I got him to leave it and promised it would be down before he comes home- bwahahahahahahaha- and he believed me!

I'm notorious for leaving my tree up for.... well, for long after Christmas is come and gone. And Chinese New Year is over. And often Valentine's Day is over and my tree is still up. I think Christmas trees are so pretty and just magical. They make beautiful nightlights. The world seems kinder when I can sit in a room with no other lights than those on the Christmas tree. The ornaments are usually reminders of fun times from the past. I just like a Christmas Tree.

One time, when I lived in Northern Civilization, I had my tree up. It was beautiful that year. My condo had a fireplace and my whole house was perfect the whole holiday season. I even had a holiday open house that year. Things were good and like I said, I'm a fan of the Christmas tree. So, one day, many weeks after Christmas, there was a knock at my door and three girlfriends showed up with food and drinks! They said we were having a party. O thought that sounded great! I was game for a party! They said it was a tree "untrimming" party. Well. Ok. They said it was time. So we undecorated the tree and had a party... with a St. Patrick's Day theme since it was March 17...

The other time I think my tree might have been up too long was.... well... I almost hate to admit this. Let's see... I moved from the Wild West back here to Civilization in December 2008. As a welcome home gift and surprise, Daddy-O and Curley put up a beautiful pink Christmas tree for me. I finally took that down... in September 2011. Hey don't judge! It was pink! With high heel shoes as decorations! And it had a tiara as a tree topper! And it was pink! It made me feel happy!

So... the tree is still up. I should probably find out when Daddy-O is coming back. I hope he gives me a couple weeks of a heads up.

I've never had the chance to hide Easter Eggs in the Christmas tree, though...



Jimmie Earl said...

You promised! Get the darn thing down! LOL! You may have to search the garage (zounds!) for the box, but it's the only tree box there that is empty! Shouldn't be too hard to find. I think it's even on the top shelf. (I think!) I'm glad you like the tree so much though! Enjoy, and NO, I don't know when I will be home, but I will give you at least a few days notice.
JE aka Daddy-O

Curley said...

I can say, I'm not surprised that you can't manage to take it down. Easter eggs, huh? When is Easter?

Maggie said...

Daddy-O: I promise I'll take it down... it just looks so nice! I'll find the box in the garage- no worries. :)

Curley- Can't manage to to take it down????? I CAN MANAGE to take it down; I just don't want to because I like it. Big difference between can't and don't want to.

Evil Pixie said...

Our Christmas tree is still up too, and I'm good with it. I love the lights and color. I'm now thinking about creating a Valentine's Day tree (luckily, the tree is artifical). This does not sit well with Naughty Pixie, but considering she's the one who is suppose to take it down - she really doesn't have room to complain. :)