Friday, January 20, 2012

Puppy Love

Sometimes when I feel sad I like to go to the pet store and pet puppies. I used to go read Hallmark cards to laugh but the Hallmark store in my town closed so now I go to a pet store and I pet puppies. Now, I don't mean 'pet the puppies' as a euphemism for masturbate. And I don't mean "pet the puppies" like Lennie in Of Mice and Men. I mean I just like to go to a nearby pet store and pet puppies.

Research says that people with a pet live longer than non-pet owners. Dogs are brought to nursing homes because petting the dogs is supposed to be good for the residents. Petting a dog is supposed to relieve stress and give feelings of comfort. I believe that.

And yes, I understand the irony that I'm not really a dog lover. (No I'm not a dog hater either but I'm not really a 'pet' person. Or a baby person. But that's a different story of another post, another day). But when I feel sad I like to go and pet the puppies because usually it does make me feel better. (I have to make sure I don't let my mind wonder to the idea that the puppies are in cages and I can't set them free or take one home because that would defeat the purpose.)

Yesterday I went and pet a boxer. OMG she was the cutest thing and had the sweetest temperament. She was in her cage and was all shaking and trembling and I held her for about 2 minutes and she was calm and nestled up against me and gave little puppy kisses on my chin. She had the saddest and cutest face I've ever seen. I had to laugh to myself because I think she looked like me. They say people look like their pets... Ah, well no. I didn't get the puppy (Daddy-O would make me homeless because he has a NO DOG rule and because the dog was AKC registered which made her cost $249 plus tax). She was a blonde dog with very little black markings. And her face was really wrinkly and saggy. Okay, so I'm not blonde or wrinkly (yet) or saggy (well, my face isn't saggy yet, but all other parts are questionable). She was so sweet and the clerk said she's been like that, such a sweet, quiet dog.

I think when I move into my own place (again! someday!) I'm going to get a dog. Part of me thinks I should do a basset hound rescue dog. I want to rescue a dog and I like bassets, especially their size, coloring and floppy ears. And I like that usually they're unable to get on the furniture. I have a soft spot for Bernese Mountains dogs because a friend has one and she is the sweetest, nicest dog I've ever met in my life, and everything I've ever read says that's the nature of that breed. I like chocolate labs but a Lab is a high energy dog and I'm not sure I could keep up with, but they're so sweet. And I love English setters; my great-aunt & great-uncle had one and I LOVED that dog. And the Wild West made me a Bluetick Coonhound lover. Who knows what breed I'll end up with?

I do know that I want a dog that's going to be medium to large in size, none of those little yippee things or something so small I might step on it and squash it. It will have to be a dog that can be in a crate while I'm gone during the day. It can't need a huge yard. I want a lap dog. No biting, easy to train. And I think I'm weird because I don't want a puppy. I'd be good with an older dog.

When the time comes, I'll do my research to find a dog breed that fits my lifestyle and environment. And then I'll go shopping and of course, I gotta let the dog pick me. Until then I'll just keep going to the pet store and pettin' the puppies.



Jimmie Earl said...

My dog of choice, someday in a land far away, when I am old and gray, will be a German Shepherd. They are people oriented, yet can scare the hell out of anyone who would intrude where they aren't wanted. They are handsome, and extremely loyal. I think it would be the perfect choice. I, too, do't want to go thru the training and stuff, so would choose to adopt a rescued adult dog. Maybe,,,,,,,, someday.

Curley said...

Pets can be nice to have and I love my cat, ( I know, you wonder why since she's a cat) but we have always had pets of some kind or other and when she is gone, I'm done with them for a while anyway.