Sunday, January 1, 2012

What did I actually do on New Year's Eve?

I had several plans over the last few weeks of what I was going to do or NOT going to do on New Year's Eve:

Plan A:
Daddy-O was going to be in Texas and Mac was going to a party so I was going to rent a stack of movies and stay home alone and watch those and get drunk. Alone. Then go to bed after the ball dropped unless I had already passed out.

Plan B:
Go with XRayGirl and a bunch of her peeps to a couples only bowling thing. Now, I'm no longer part of a couple so she was going to just find a warm male body so I could go whether it was a date or not, just so I could spend NYEve with her!

Plan C:
Go see the movie New Year's Eve alone and then come home to watch the ball drop and then go to bed. (Mac said this was ultra sad and depressing to go to a movie alone on New Year's Eve to watch other people celebrating New Year's Eve... He might've had a point!)

Plan D:
ITSam wanted to see me and do anything. Can we say "ugh!"?

Then actually on New Year's Eve day, XRayGirl was still scrambling to find a guy to bowl with me and Mac's friends canceled on him so I decided to bail on the bowling and go with Plan E:
take Mac to dinner and a movie. (We toyed with having Mac be my bowling partner but it's for ages 21 and up so he wasn't old enough AND he didn't want to go bowling with his mom and her old friends.... that could be a Plan F but we didn't give it serious thought because of the age issues)

But about 20 minutes before we were going to leave, one of Mac's friends called him and asked him to go to COLLEGE FRAT party, and what 18 year old boy in his right mind would turn that down? And on New Year's Eve, to boot?!? So I set him free of his mom commitment.

And it was too late to go bowling...

And I had turned down a Sam for dinner because I was going to eat with Mac...

So I went with Plan G:
Daddy-O and I went to Bob Evans for dinner, then we watched Burlesque. I graded papers for Photographer. Daddy-O went to bed before the ball dropped but I watched that for about 2 minutes, texted friends a 'happy new year' and then watched stuff I had been DVR-ing for a few weeks. Finally I went to bed around 1:30am... I didn't drink. It wasn't a big deal and I didn't feel all depressed or sad. It really was just another night...

New Year's Eve is really a night for couples or really young people, I've decided. I sound jaded but I'm not. It really is such. And all my friends are "couples" and so unless next year I just hold a big bash for everyone, I'm going to just hide or volunteer to work somewhere...

But it's a new year and that's good.

Welcome 2012,


Annesphamily said...

I fell asleep at 11:20 P.M. last night! We have not had a big celebration in ages! But we enjoyed each others company and had a wonderful early breakfast at Denny's this morning, so I liked our New Years Eve plan.
Next year, God willing I would like to take a trip. My phamily in Pueblo rented a couple cabins in Manitou Springs and spent quality time with each other for my niece Holly's 4year old daughter Sarahs birthday! (Smile)
I hope your ne wyear is wonderful and filled with happiness and love.
Hugs Anne

Curley said...

Sounds like what we did. Only turned it to the ball drop in the last 30 seconds though. It's just too sad to hear Dick Clark try to count down the ball. Spent most of the day and night watching NCIS marathon on t.v. I know, sound horrible but it wasn't that bad.

Lilith said...

sorry, I don't agree with you about it being just for couples and young people.

You don't have to have a date, and you don't have to have a blow out party to have fun.

You just need to be with people you care about (friends) and let the fun go from there.

I hung out with 4 other people and it was the best New Year's Eve ever!

Bragger said...

We stayed in as well. Hubby went to bed early, I stayed up watching football, and still didn't see the new year come in. It always manages without me. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Maggie said...

Anne- sounds like it was a GREAT New Years for you! And I hope you have a great 2012, too!

Curley- I only watched the last 2 minutes of Dick Clark, also because it's so sad for him. And I looked for a "Criminal Minds" marathon, actually!!!

Lilith- when I said I thought it was more for couples, I meant that most places gear toward couples, like the bowling alley or bars that have prices for the evening in costs of by the couple.

And as I said, all my GFs are married and they did 'couples' things and I'm a single.

And I know I don't need a blow out; I'm sure you noticed that none of my plans were on a blow out scale.

I still had fun!

Bragger- It sounds like a good time! I don't even care if I see the new year- I figure it will be there when I wake up in the morning, right? Tho if I make it until 11:40pm, I feel obligated to stay until the ball drops...! Happy 2012 to ya!