Saturday, January 21, 2012

The boob-tube

I'm such a complete and total slug and part of this is making me a TV junkie. We are 21 days into the new year and I've NOT read A SINGLE BOOK but I'm totally killing on my TV viewing.

I'm a total Criminal Minds junkie. I love Derek Morgan. I want to grow up and be Penelope Garcia. And I have a thing of Dr. Spencer Reid. I DVR this show on a regular basis and watch them all the time. My goal is to watch every episode but I'm doing it the poor woman's way: on cable rather than renting the whole series. (Damn Netflix for not having this!) Thank goodness that A&E has CM marathons on daily.

I've been watching a House marathon, too. And I found that the canceled TV show Without a Trace is on sometimes so I also DVR that. Mondays is 2 Broke Girls and Mike and Molly. Tuesdays is Glee and New Girl. Wednesday is Criminal Minds. Thursdays is Big Bang Theory. I also DVR Once Upon a Time- I have no idea when it's on each week because I DVR it- so why bother (wow, DVR has made me even a MORE lazy tv watcher. Ironic? Pathetic.) Lately I've been home on Friday nights so I watch CSI:NY and Blue Bloods. I watch Big Bang reruns And if I can find 2.5 Men with Sheen I'll watch that. And reruns of West Wing- oh I LOVE West Wing!!!

And if I'm totally honest I just figured out we have Starz and Encore. Oh, holy shit. And we have Netflix. I am officially a TV junkie. What's a book, again??

I think my back hurts from sitting (okay so I don't really sit. I sort of Cleopatra lay across the couch) so long. Is that even possible?

At least I haven't caved to reality television. I haven't sunk that low. Yet.



Jimmie Earl said...

I can't blame you for watching so much tv. What else is there to do when you are up to your knees in snow! Here in TX people watch too much TV. Yesterday at friend's house, the "older set" had a half hour discussion about TV stars and all their life stuff. Who cares!!! I agree that Criminal Minds can't be topped by any other crime show, and Blue Bloods is my absolute favorite show on TV. Well, maybe after Big Bang!
Personally, I would rather read or craft if my favs aren't on.
And let us not forget "Jeopardy."

booknut said...

I LOVE Derek Morgan!! Very nice piece of chocolate!!!! BTW- We have every season of Criminal Minds that is out. And West Wing (except we can't seem to find Season 1). I want to be Penelope, too! She's got mad computer skills!

Shan said...

I've recently discovered Criminal Minds and I love it too!!!! Once I get started on a marathon, I. can't. look. away. Baha I really love the Mandy Patinken (sp?) era but I like "Greg" from Dharma and Greg and I like the ones you mentioned too!
What's weird is I TOTALLY THINK OF YOU WHEN I SEE THAT GIRL you said you want to be when you grow up. I totally imagine you acting like her and doing a job like that when I watch it! heehee
I'll write soon! :)