Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Vignettes on Wednesday

Mac stayed home from school yesterday to play a Halo video game. I guess it's a HUGE deal because it's going to be the last Halo game ever. So I called him in sick and let him take a mental health day. But the dumbass told his band teacher why he was really going to miss and I secretly hope the guy nails Mac for in In School Suspension because he's was so dumb to tell on himself! Geez! Do something nice and the kid makes me look like an idiot! (He got to stay home because he had all As and 1 B+... doesn't seem real bright for a smart kid, eh? )

Mac got the male lead in the school play called something stupid like "Hollywood Rednecks". Can't they ever do anything anyone has ever heard of?

I got an email from Alcatraz's HR who said I need to have a medical physical and a TB test to work at the reception desk, which is my new part time job, on some weekends and an occasional weekend. WTF?!? They pay for it but the HR assistant said she dropped the ball and should've told me sooner but I have to have it done by Saturday. I was not happy. There's a walk in clinic in Southern Civilization and I HAVE to do it there. I told her I had my annual physical scheduled for 9/23 and she said that was too late and when they get audited they would get a citation because physical dates are something that get checked and need to be done within 30 days of the hire date. I fussed but said fine. And to think, I have to do all that to answer a damn phone, but NOT to work with the kids. What is wrong with this picture?!?

I have a job interview Thursday with a school in a nearby county, a mere 20 minute drive, that is similar to Alcatraz. I'm interviewing for a special education aide job. It would be permanent, full time, optional summers off, AND it pays almost $12 an hour, which would be about $4 more than the job I'm supposed to start after this maternity leave. If I take the summer off they will still pay me year around! OMG- and there's Blue Cross/ Blue Shield/ Anthem Insurance AND dental!!! Additionally, the first opening they have in teaching English or history would be to me! I'll know more later.

Mac is in band and choir and is a senior and they music department does a fundraiser. He has to sell 20 cookie orders and the cheapest is $14 a tub. What sort of shit is that? A huge thank you to ITSam (he doesn't read here but I thought a shout out here is still okay so you all know I appreciate him!) who is taking it all over work to see what he can do. 20 tubs?!? Wow, that's a lot.

Sam confuses Tuesday and Thursday when talking. He says he does this all the time and has since he was a kid. My brain said "DUH!" but I never verbalized that to him. But... "DUH"!


Bragger said...

Good luck on the job prospect! Having benefits AND more money? What a deal!

Reminds me of the time I was in charge of the yearbook at a high school. I had to take CPR training. I finally gave in and took the training, and THEN I found I out I also had to have..... (wait for it)...... SPORTS SAFETY TRAINING. To sponsor the yearbook! Some of the rules are so stupid....

Curley said...

That is great about the job. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Put me down for a tub of cookies.