Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time off

I don't have to work today. Anywhere! Yahoo!!!

When I first started at Alcatraz, the Principal told me my last day was Fri. Sept 22. So when I was arranging the start date for my other job at the other school, we discovered that the 22nd was a Wednesday. The lady I was speaking with and I both thought be just meant Friday, the 24th. I had worked at Alcatraz for a week when I learned it was really Wed. the 22nd was my last day. I never called the other school to change it and thought I would just take the 2 days off.

Then I thought I would be super mom and take Mac on 2 college visit days today and tomorrow. We even one scheduled for today and then he said he wasn't sure taking 2 off in a row was a good idea, AND he had lifting for a game on Friday so that might not be good either. So I figured I would chill tomorrow and enjoy a nice three day weekend.

His college visitation for today had to be cancelled at the last minute because he's in a club where high school kids agree to educate the junior high kids on topics that relate to peer pressure situations. This club has a day long training today so Mac had to go to that and we cancelled the visit.

So guess who has a loooooooooooooong 4 day weekend?!? Oh yeah, that's right. That's what I'm talking about! Me!! Whoot- whoot!

I sort of felt guilty, like I should be at school. And I was worried about going 2 days without pay. But then I counted it up and I'm still going to have a 9 day pay period instead of 10 so it didn't seem like such a big deal.

I also started thinking about "working". I taught in the Wild West from Aug. 2008-Dec. 2008. Then I was off for about three weeks due to moving and Christmas and paperwork but I started subbing around the second week of January 2009. And I subbed almost daily from then until May 2009. Then I worked ice cream and insurance for that summer, daily. Then I subbed for a few months when school started and then I finished that contract last year from Halloween until June 2010, then I did summer school at Alcatraz with only 1 week off.. Then I taught the maternity leave. I think it's okay for me to have 4 days off. I think I can use the relaxation time.

However, I'm still working on that dang Beowulf movie the kids made. Yeah, long story but we will finish it this evening; we have about 5-7 hours left to work. And I'm showing it tomorrow to the kids; I got permission from the new teacher. And I told them I would bring treats so I also have to either shop or bake. I also have to go to Mac's game tomorrow night. I'm supposed to go out for dinner for my birthday to a restaurant almost a 2 hour drive away on Saturday which seemed like fun when I agreed to it but now it seems like a long damn car ride just to eat at the Cheesecake factory. Sunday's big plan, which is the actual birthday, is to see Curley, and maybe hang with Sam.

For a weekend off, it seems busy. I have no idea how I get myself into these things.

But as for now, I'm going to lay on the sofa, drink coffee, and read a good book for a few hours.



Miriam said...

Enjoy your time on the sofa! You deserve it! :):)

Jimmie Earl said...

Be careful drinking coffee on my sofa. You know the rules!!!!LOL! When Imicen; see your past schedule put down on "paper" I can agree that you deserve a few days off.
Have a great birthday. You will be in my heart even if I am not there to help you celebrate. Oh, go ahead and go to the cheesecake factory. Sam is trying to make you have a happy birthday, and with the history of your disaster birthdays (blog fodder) you deserve a nice one. Good friends, good food...what a nice BD.
Love ya,

Maggie said...

Miriam- Thank you! thanks for commenting, too!

JE- Oh I'm still going because I know I'll have fun no matter what. It just feels like another "big thing" on the list of things. And after all the disaster birthdays this should be fun!

And I swear I'm being good with the coffee on the safe. Though when I typed it I almost deleted it. heehee! But I thought since I usually drink coffee while sitting on the sofa on Sunday mornings and you're aware of that, then I wasn't going to get too freaked out!

Bragger said...

You most certainly deserve a few days off. Hell, you deserve combat pay!

Curley said...

Quit making excuses for taking the days off and just enjoy them. Even though it sounds like you have figured out a way to fill them up with stuff.