Saturday, September 18, 2010

A comedy of errors, the best laid plans of mice and men do often go asunder, or "why I didn't blog yesterday"

Yesterday I was supposed to ride to work with ITSam, work, get a ride home from Mac, hang with him until I had to give him a ride back to school for a ball game, then I was going to work with my students on the Beowulf project, pick up Mac and go home. That was the plan. The plan went to hell....

ITSam's uncle died so he was leaving Friday morning to go with the family to Kentucky for the viewing and funeral. He'll be gone until tomorrow. So Mac was going to have to get up early and take me to school and then he could go himself. Sam called and said he would take me to work since I don't like to go so late and so Mac wouldn't be early. Okay.

Teaching went fine. We were supposed to finish the rap CD but since Sam was gone, I had no one in the IT department to help me run the equipment so that class watched a movie. We will finish the rap on Monday.

Then HR called me. They reminded me I had to have the physical by today. So I thought I would go on Saturday morning and I told her. She also said I had to have a TB test. So I called the place where I have to have the physical and if they give the TB test, they have to read it on Monday. They won't let anyone here in town read it. Which means a third trip to Southern Civilization. No freaking way. I called the county health nurse who could do it, but I had no car to get there. Damn it. Now, so far I made all these calls on my 30 minute prep and it was time for me to go to lunch. So I called HR and asked her if she could call our school corporation nurse and see if she could come to Alcatraz that afternoon before 330 to give me the TB test. Well.... HR said she didn't know my schedule so she couldn't call. I told her it didn't matter as long as it was before 330pm because I had coverage for the 4 minutes it would take to get the poke. She said it would just work better for me to call.

Now this bitch dropped the ball and is freaking out to get it all done but she's not doing a damn thing to help me. I am pissed.

So I get on the phone and call to track down the nurse and about 8 calls later, I have it arranged for her to come to give me one and I'm supposed to let First Aid (our First Aid doesn't have people who can give a TB test... then what is the damn point?) know. When I let First Aid know, the dude in charge says no one is going to be here to unlock the medical supplies or the office. I explain the need so he gets all the drugs out, and then calls the secretary and she agrees to unlock everything when Nurse gets here. I now have 15 minutes left to eat lunch.

When I'm in line for food, my other boss, the one who hired me to work the reception desk on some weekends asked me if I could fill in last night. I was between a rock and a hard place. If I said no, one person was going to have to work a 15 hour day, and they did cover me the weekend I worked the wedding so I said yes. I was now working that job from 4-10 pm.

Just as I am done scarfing down food, Mac calls my cell. In the middle of HIS school day. My heart pounds, wondering what in the hell is wrong. Well, he said if he doesn't have the money turned in for his letterman jacket today, it won't get ordered until after Christmas. He said that all the other kids got theirs paid for but that there wasn't a deadline, ordering in bulk, blah freaking blah. Can I bring him a check to school? I tell him no, because I don't have a car- DUH! So I tell him he can come get the check from me after school and then run it back over to the school since our schools are a 3 minute drive apart. (I also want to say I didn't just have $100 laying around either so all my wedding photography money went to that and he isn't getting shoes because I told him either new shoes or a new jackets... Senior year is expensive)

As I'm talking about this, I'm back in my classroom and getting out my purse and starting to write the check only I have no more checks in my checkbook and DUH me for not remembering to put any back in. Well fuck. So he was going to pick me up, drive home, get the checkbook, drive me back to work at the reception desk, and THEN he would take the check to school.

I also then called and emailed all the house parents to let them know I wouldn't be there on Friday night and we would reschedule.

The nurse was late for the TB test and someone didn't have paperwork. I got it, but a 4 minute process took about 15 minutes.

Mac was late in picking me up because he's a 17 year old boy with no brain.

We go home, got my checkbook and headed back and got stuck in traffic because of a train crossing.

We got to my receptionist job and he went to the school to pay for the jacket.

I worked. I went home. I then went back to get Mac when the bus returned from the game at 11:37 pm.

And that's why I didn't blog yesterday.



Curley said...

That gives me a headache just reading it. Hope your weekend goes better. Call me when you can. Love ya.

Jimmie Earl said...

maybe I should have stayed home. I could have help run taxi/delivery service. Where's that extra hand when you really did need it? TX.

Maggie said...

Curley- I almost added to the post about Saturday...

My original Saturday plan was to be a vegetable all day- reading and sleeping and maybe doing some laundry.

What I've actually done is go to that stupid physical for 3 hours,exchange some Bath and Body Works products, gulp down a cup of Starbucks, do some laundry, read a little and I'm working from 3:30-7 pm at Alcatraz to get the filming done...

JE- we did manage to figure it all out with the craziness. I know I could've called Sisinlaw if things were desperate (tho I hate to ask her to get out with the babies unless it's an emergency!). Hope you're having fun in TX! I wish I were there... actually I wish I was somewhere cool... heehee!

Wiley said...

Holy shit, dude. Did you at least have some emergency Tim Tams??