Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A day for me, and me alone

I didn't go to work yesterday. I was beat to hell after the insane weekend. From Saturday morning at 7 am until Sunday night at 11pm I got about 4 hours of sleep. So I stayed home yesterday. I asked for a sub last week just in case I wanted to be off, and I was never so glad about anything in my life.

I got up at 7am to get Mac up and to say good-bye to Daddy-O. He was headed to Texas today, for at least 30 days, maybe longer. He was driving for the first time and should be there sometime today.

After the two of them were off, I read a book and feel back asleep until around 10:45 am. I fussed on the computer until around noon. It was awesome. I stayed in my jammies on the couch with no one home. I had the windows open and caught a great breeze.

ITSam brought me some lunch. Then I took a nap. For three hours. I thought I was tired but I didn't know I was THAT tired. But it felt so good to do nothing. Just nothing.

I finally took a shower and gabbed with mac after he got home from school. Sam and I went to run errands and have dinner. We rented some movies. I just chilled and was super mellow.

I love mellow. I want to do mellow for about 5 or 6 more days. Or weeks. Or years. I want to be hired to be mellow.

But today is back to the grind at Alcatraz.



Lilith said...

Glad you got a day to relax! I'm curious, any updates about the student with the bad attitude and lovely writing skills. LOL

Curley said...

Glad that you had a great lazy day. Also glad that I didn't call you about 2 o'clock yesterday. Let me know when Daddy-O gets there.

Bragger said...

Love those days! Of course, with Hubby retired now, it's pointless for me to try to take one. Ha ha.