Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New school, new job... again

I started my new job today, at my new school. I thought I was going to be a special education aide in another junior high, but when I got there, the schedule had been changed so I could help as many students in English as possible. So, I'm in a 9th, 7th, 10th and 11 grade English classes, in 2 algebra classes (Oh Lord help us ALL!), and I oversee a structured study hall class. It's a long full day, but I do like it.

I do feel like I was sort of tossed in. I got there this morning and the principal handed me keys, assigned me a password for the computer and took me to my room and that was it. One of the special ed. teachers handed my my schedule and showed me my desk. That, my friends, was my welcome. Better than at the special ed. job I had last year, but still, a "tossed to the wolves" sort of feeling. Oh, one teacher did introduce me to my classroom teachers at the start of each period.

I like the students and the faculty seemed nice. Students showed me where the bathroom, the library, and the copy room were located. I still am not sure where the teacher's lounge or the cafeteria are. My I can find those tomorrow?

One thing that super impressed me is the structure of the special ed. study hall I have to oversee. There is a reasonable rule list and the kids follow it. There was no question about it. Something else I was impressed with is that not one kid asked me or any other adult for a pen or pencil all day long. And I watched to see if someone was just blowing off work because they didn't have something to write with and no one was. Kids were fairly polite to their teachers and each other. Homework was collect and most students turn it in. All around, I can tell there's a different sort of school climate and culture and it's impressive. After last year's experience with the crazy 8th graders that I did grow to love, this is quite the change. Maybe these kids are just better medicated?

Something else that I loved was the materials I was presented. I was given a three ring binder for each of my classes. Inside each were copies of lecture notes, daily agendas for that class, handouts, and anything else the teacher passed out this year like class rules or policies. There are all hole punched and in date order. I have a kids of kids in each class, highlighted on a seating chart, with a list of their accommodations. Wow. Just.... wow. Either these people are REALLY on top of things, which for all intrinsic purposes they appear to be, or they are really trying to make a good impression- and they did.

To top it all off, I had keys, a faculty parking pass, a photo ID, a voice mail box that was set up, and a working email with login before I left the building today. I don't think I've ever worked for any place, a school or business, that has been this organized. The only thing that didn't happen was my named wasn't on my mailbox. Since a sub had been there for the first 7 weeks, her name was on it, but I was told that would be fixed by tomorrow.

So, not a bad start.

Now if the kids are as accommodating, then it should be perfect! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!



Bragger said...

What a nice start! That's better than I get at the job I've had for 6 years now! (Still can't reach my mailbox.....why do they put the mailboxes for the shortest people on the top row?)

I hope all your days go that smoothly. Congratulations!

Curley said...

Good luck with the job. At least you should see a couple of familiar faces in the crowd of kids there.

Jimmie Earl said...

I remember that "tossed in " feeling when I started as an aide! I knew two people in the building! Never had met the SPED supervisor until the first day of school. She handed me a schedule and voila! There I was. Quite humbling until I got acquainted (on my own I might ad) with the classroom teachers. Your guided study hall sounds like a dream! If I was looking to come out of retirement, I would go look for a job there!

Lisa said...

You know maybe it is so well done you really didn't need any more than what you got! I think it is great they all work together and it seems the kids are getting what they need too! Woo-Hoo a school that works! SO glad to hear it! Hope the rest of the week is perfect!
Hugs, lisa