Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bride, a baptism and a birthday

I photographed a wedding yesterday and it was one of the coolest weddings ever. Each table at the reception was named after a martini and the table center pieces were giant martini classes filled with red roses and floating candles. There was a martini luge, too. (This is a huge ice sculpture in the shape of a martini glass and the martini is mixed and then poured through the sculpture to chill it and into a glass at the bottom!) Of course the bride was beautiful; her shoes were 4 inch heels, in red, with a satin ribbon running over the top- I want want want! The ceremony was held in a beautiful cathedral in the Chicago area. The food was awesome. We ate all day long. I usually never eat the day of a wedding so I had my typical cup off morning java. We shot the wedding and then I rode in the Hummer limo with the wedding party to a park to take pictures; we all had a picnic at the park (cookies, bottled H20, turkey sandwiches, pretzels). Then we all went back to the hotel and there was a hospitality suite with a free (open) bar and tons of food (lobster sandwiches, fruit plates, cookies, shrimp, hummus, chips, sub sandwiches). I took pictures and was encouraged to eat. Then we had a cocktail hour. Where we took pictures and ate (brushetta, fried wantons, shrimps with bacon, something with artichoke). Then there was dinner at the reception, where I took pictures and ate! (tomato bisque soup, salad, rolls, mango sorbet to cleanse the palate, fillet steak tartar, steamed veggies, twice baked potato, and wedding cake). The wedding was beautiful and classy and the food was delish!

The wedding was a good 3 hours and a little more away. The reception was to end anytime after 1am. I was off the clock around 10pm so I headed to my room. I was beat and exhausted. I was full and tired. I had no desire to drink or dance. So I went to my room. At a 4 star Hilton. In Chicago. With a king sized bed. In a 4 star Hilton. I have decided that every few months I'm reserving a room in a 4 star hotel and I'm checking in as early as possible and staying overnight, alone. I love fancy hotels and I love staying in them. So I took a shower and relaxed and read.

Then I checked out at 525am and drove the hours back home to see Fab Finn be baptized. He was such a champ. He was a trooper. He was adorable and dressed in a little white baby tuxedo like outfit. He was awake and alert and checked out the whole thing. He gurgled and smiled. He was the cutest thing at 3 months old! He didn't even cry when they sprinkled the water on him.

After the baptism we went back to Bro and SisinLaw's house. It was the Divine MsK's 2nd birthday party. We had pizza and cake and she opened her presents and was cute and sweet and just adorable. She has a little widow's peak! She's so cute!

Today was a long day but it was good. Now, I'm getting a delightful foot rub from ITSam, watching Criminal Minds reruns and am going to clean my room.

Ah bliss.

Oh and did I mention I'm totally taking tomorrow off to have the house all to myself? Am so ready to chill.... I make no promises to do anything except to blog.



Mellodee said...

Chicago chefs KNOW how to cater a wedding!!

Bragger said...

Can I be your assistant the next time you go shoot one of these? I can help you eat.....

Curley said...

Call me sometime after you wake up. We need a gab fest.