Friday, September 10, 2010

Good things about this week

  • The school week is over
  • I'm going to make some extra money shooting a wedding in Chicago tomorrow
  • The Divine Ms K is having her second birthday party on Sunday
  • Fab Finn is being baptized on Sunday
  • I don't have to drive to Chicago for said wedding tomorrow; I'm riding with the videographer and his crew so I can sleep all the way there
  • The casserole and sour cream coffee cake were delicious (and yes, I owe you a recipe for the cake!)
  • ITSam got paid
  • I got to see Mac lift the cheerleaders for the first time tonight and he was awesome! And didn't drop any of them! (And I am so glad I'm his mom rather than the mother of the girls he throws in the air and catches! Yikes!)
  • My new birthday pants came in the mail. They are so comfy and soft and dressy. It's like wearing pajamas to work.
  • I took Monday off of work to recover from the about 4 hours of sleep I'll get from Saturday at 7am until I go to bed Sunday night (or cave in a take a nap on Sunday afternoon)
  • Mac ordered his letter jacket and it's gonna be so dang cool! I can't wait to see it! (And I plan on doing some serious begging of Curley to sew all the patches and stuff on!) And it's less than a $100.

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Bragger said...

Happy weekend, girl! Mwah!