Friday, September 24, 2010

Love for fall festivals

I love festivals but this year I haven't gone to many, because the weather has been so bloody hot this summer. I can't stand to be out in it.

Many moons ago, when I lived in Northern Civilization, there was a park that hosted HUGE festivals each weekend all summer long, some of them drawing hundreds of thousands of people. I loved going to the German Festival and the BBQ festival the most. Not only was there always great music but fabulous food and drinking. I always went with friends and we had a grand time. I didn't go to either of these festivals this summer because of the heat wave. Or so I tell myself. I sometimes thing I didn't go because it would never have been as much as as when I went in the years past. A sort of "can't go home" type of feeling.

All that aside, however, I am super excited about 2 upcoming events!!!! There is a weekend when there is a war reenactment and the other is a chili cook off festival. I went to both of these last year and it was so much fun and I've been looking forward to doing it again this year!!!!

Last year Curley, Daddy-O, XRay Girl and I all went to breakfast and then to a gigantic craft show, featuring local artists and not so local artists work. It was awesome. Then Daddy-O went home and us girls went to the chili cook off festival contest. It was a glorious day. the sort of perfect autumn day we all dream about. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was high, but it was still cool and crisp. there was a lovely breeze. We all wore long sleeves and jackets but it was perfect. We tasted a million types of chili until we were about sick. We ate kettle korn cooked over a fire and had some beers. It was a great time.

I'm hoping that the same crew is ready to do it again this year. daddy-O thought me might be home from Texas in time. If not, I still hope the girls will go out with me. I feel the need to have some 'traditions' and this feels like a great place to start. It was such a good time, with great friends and family- with friends who are part of my family, I feel, that I'm so excited to do it again! Curley, mark your calendar!!!

And nope, I don't mind omitting ITSam from this plan. First, he has jack that weekend and I am NOT spending the day at a chili cook off with a kid who hates chili. And Sam knows I love my girlfriend time so we have a good understanding.

The other festival I'm looking forward to is the war reenactment. This is the second largest reenactment in the Midwest and the crowd is about a quarter of a million strong over the weekend. In addition to all the war stuff, it's just living history. These reenactors are some serious people and things are super authentic, all the way down to no zippers or buttons on clothing. I love to walk around and see what the artisans are making and eating all the food, which is prepped over campfires and sold my non-for-profits who are also in costume and stay with the time period, very early 1800s. I cold eat my way from one end to the other, with the giant turkey legs, the fry bread, turkey noodle soup, ears of corn on the cob roasted in the husks over a fire, pork loin sandwiches cooked in the grillsmoke, and sweet and salty kettle corn that comes out of a huge black cauldron. I love the crafts and talking with the reenactors about what and why they do what they do.

Back in the day I even worked for a not for profit and worked at this same festival and have my own authentic outfit. I always say I'm going to go as reenactor and do quilting but i didn't get myself registered to go this year.

But I'm excited to go this year. The weather is usually good. And I have a pair of muck boots I wear so I don't mind trampling about out there in what could be muddy walking. Last year Curley and I went. I don't know if she'll go with me this year because Mac wants to go with me. And ITSam and wants to take Jack so it might turn into a family bonding type of experience. Who knows? Maybe I'll go twice!

However it works out, I'm excited about this and can't wait for those two weekends to arrive!



Curley said...

I'm ready, can't wait.

Lilith said...

Sounds like a blast! I would love to see the Civil War stuff!!

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