Monday, September 27, 2010

Princess Weekend Birthday Summary

Friday was nice. I got a surprise pedicure from ITSam and we had dinner. We also saw Mac do his lifting. He was awesome and the cheer team looked great though the football team fell short and lost. I also went with XRay Girl to hang out and I had to go back to Alcatraz to show the infamous Beowulf movie. It was fun to see the kids and bring them food and be silly.

Saturday started with sleeping in. ITSam brought breakfast over to the house when he figured out I was awake. He also brought pink socks and a pink winter knit cap so I had some pink for the day, though it was a little warm for hat or socks!

XRay Girl and her hubby couldn't go on the road trip so it was just Mac, Sam and me. We headed to the capital of the state. The plan was shopping and a late dinner. I had also been promising Mac new shoes for about 6 weeks. Since we were near an "exclusive" store that sold what he wanted, I decided to do that first. And so he would stop freaking bugging the crap out of me about the shoes. By the time we battled the traffic to the mall and then he had to try on shoes at a million different stores and then he got a pair, I was hungry.

We ate at the Cheesecake factory which was AWESOME!!! The food was astounding and I got 2 pieces of cheesecake because Sam said I was the Princess and could do that. I got this red velvet cake with vanilla cheesecake in 4 layers with cream cheese frosting and garnished with white chocolate curls. Oh to die for! And life wouldn't be complete without a piece of chocolate cheese cake: milk chocolate and white chocolate and some gooey swirls of chocolate. So decadent. But after about 3 bites of each, on top of dinner, I was full so I got to bring it all home!

And after all that food, I was NOT going shopping for pants. I was going to shop before I ate but Mac's shoe thing too so long, and the Lane Bryant was at another mall down the road and I didn't want to do more traffic battles, then have to come back to Mac's shoe mall for the Cheesecake Factory. Then I was too full to shop.

We came back home and Mac went to a friend's house and Sam and I just watched tv. He gave me a foot massage. I think we were both so full we were miserable. He left and I read for a few hours, which to me, is just awesome! The house all to myself to do nothing but read a book? Bliss!

Sunday rolled around and I just vegged for awhile. Sam took me to see The Town, which is a fabulous action movie. I did laundry out of necessity (I gotta have clean undies for my new job tomorrow!) and watched some re-runs of Criminal Minds on A&E. Sam brought me a cake with pink icing; he said I had to have something pink every day of the birthday weekend!

All in all, it was a nice day. I also got all sorts of phone calls, emails, text messages, voice mails, and blog comments from friends and family with birthday wishes- thank you so much!!!

Not a bad way to turn 39...



Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Awesome warm up for next year!!! When I turned 40 we celebrated all month!!!!!! It was fantastic- seriously!
cheers - enjoy your week!

Curley said...

Glad you had a good day. Just sorry that we didn't get together. We will do that soon. My treat for a belated birthday.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful one!!

Lisa said...

I am so glad you had a great weekend!! It is good to have loads of pink for your birthday weekend!! I am now hungry from your great descriptions of your cakes! Enjoy!
Hugs, Lisa