Monday, February 22, 2010


What is this, you ask? Well, I'll tell you!

These are the flowers I received today- AT SCHOOL- from Sam, the date guy from Friday night who was my annual date. Oh. My. God. He sent me these beautiful flowers, of course, after I DECIDED to tell him I don't want to see him anymore, but hadn't yet done that. Did I mention he sent them to me at school? In front of all my kids who wanted to know who they were from. Shite!

But they smell really pretty in a HUGE classroom, but in Daddy-O's small kitchen it sort of smells like a funeral home.... okay, anyway...

Why in the world can't the man I want to send me flowers actually SEND them to me rather than this weird dude??

Okay, after much ribbing from my... well, everyone and mostly Mac (I wish I had a recorder when he gave me a 20 minute monologue about this entire situation), I knew I was still going to call him and tell him I don't want to see him anymore, and now I had to thank him for flowers while extracting myself at the same time. Juggling- it's a talent.

So when he called me tonight, I thanked him for the flowers, told him that while I appreciate them and they're just beautiful, I told him I thought about it over the weekend and I didn't think we would work out, that it was me not him, and thank you for the time we spent together, but I'm just not interested. He choked out an okay. Then I said I might see him around and to take care of himself and have a nice life. I actually said, "have a nice life." I can't believe I said that. I bet his mom calls me and yells. He whispered okay, and I have a feeling he was about ready to cry.

Should I have went with the swimming analogy? I also thought about suggesting he would be a good monk or priest but Daddy-O didn't think that would be very nice. Funny, but not very nice.

I have a feeling this is not the last I'll hear from him but I am going to totally take Curley's advice and not answer phone calls and text messages I may get from him.

They flowers are lovely, but it just.... ack! Oh, and the card read, "Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Sam" And it was written in his own handwriting; he didn't just phone it in. I have this dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach that he actually delivered them to the school himself. I'm gonna hear about that tomorrow, I have a feeling.

I want to say I love love love to receive flowers. And if he hasn't gotten weird with the mom thing and the niece and girlfriend thing, and if it was reciprocal feelings then maybe the flowers wouldn't seem weird.

So, I did the deed and made the call.

So, now I don't have to worry about dating again until next year.

All the single ladies,


Bragger said...

Oh. My. God. This is a stalker situation just waiting to happen. Sorry, don't mean to be a Negative Nelly ... but he just sounds WEIRD. Run do not walk away from this dude.

Maggie said...

Bragger- Mac said I should've never told him where I work or let him know where I live... this could be a problem.

Now the up side is (thought this is a bad up side) that I have some students that would beat shit out of me if he bothers me in a scary way...

Weird is certainly the word to describe it!

Cheryl said...

This is just sad. Pray he gets some common sense. It's obvious he wants a relationship but doesn't have the experience to understand that there's a rhythm to these things. It's like he's wearing ski boots on the dance floor.

Please send him a book, anonymously of course!

Maggie said...

Cheryl- ski boots on the dance floor???? LOL OMG- love the visual!

I'd send him a book but I'm afraid he'd try the techniques with me!

And what else is... well single people will get this. What is sad if that when 2 people go on a date and they TOTALLY click and everything works great and it's all peachy and something like this happens- it's okay, it's whimsical, it's romantic, it's whirlwind... and we all think it's cute and good. The sad thing is here is he was obviously clicking but oblivious to my lack of clickage... what a mess!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, thought of that after I commented. If the feeling had been mutual then you wouldn't be running away from him. Maybe, in that case, just tell him to keep trying til he finds the right one?

Dating! Ah...quelle adventure each and every one...

Curley said...

Flowers? After 1 date. Does he live at home with his 80 year old mother? Sorry, but sounds like he is getting advice from somewhere back in the 60's. Like I said, do not take his calls, texts, and do not visit auto zone ever again.

Lilith said...

I'm lost for words. One date and you get flowers. I have a feeling that after the second date you would get a engagement ring.