Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, what's a girl to do?

I've decided that of late I lead a fairly boring life. I don't do much see movies, read, work, hang with the fam-damily, and see the GFs when time and money allows. But all the routine doesn't keep me from enjoying a snow day!

Even though I could've slept until noon if I wanted, I was still awake at 7:30 am. Now, when i get up for school, I rise around 6:15 so I did, technically, get to sleep in this morning. But at 7:30 am Mac is checking to see if I'm awake to tell me his school was canceled for today. Then about 2 minutes after that the house phone rings, which Daddy-O answered. About 5 minutes later my cell phone rang to tell me our school was canceled. I called Curley to let her know I knew no one had classes; she calls to let me know when mac's school is closed since her youngest son and Mac are at the same school. (All the schools around here have gone to an automated system and the kids put phone numbers on a sheet at the beginning of the year. Mac didn't know my number so he didn't add it so I never know when he's canceled unless Curley calls...)

So after the flurry of phone activity, I was awake. And Mac got up then too. Why, you might be asking? Well because he got a brand new video game yesterday and he wanted to play it. To him, a snow day on the day after the release Bioshock II was like manna from heaven. He can play all day long if he desires (or if Daddy-O and I don't get sick and tired of hearing video game noises first!). Oh yes, I drove 30 miles over to the next town to get him his video game, yesterday, in a blizzard. I went slowly and told him it was only under duress I was doing this and he would have to be my personal slave a'la Greg Brady style for this favor. (Between you and me, we had a good time on the drive, watching the snow and listening to music and talking. Nothing like blizzard bonding, I guess.)

And I have just been a pillar of energy in the 2 hours I've been up! I've done 2 loads of laundry, gathered trash and had Mac take it out, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, cooked a big old fry-up breakfast, read blogs and emails, and answered emails. Go ME! And I'm going to work on laundry for the rest of the day just so I don't have to do it this weekend! And since the weather was so bad yesterday, I didn't go to the insurance office, so I have to do it today, so I might as well get my brain in work mode.

I can't really see us in the city school system having another snow day tomorrow, either. Even though we're supposed to get another 3-5 inches today, I think the city can get on it and take care of the mess unless all the snow would come during the night. The country schools are a different story, though. They are a whole other school system so they could be canceled while the city kids go. The wind is crazy out in the country right now, according to XRayGirl and Curley and if that keeps up, the county could stay closed, whether more snow falls or not.

And as for all these snow days... well, we do have to make them all up, you know, since the law requires us to hold school for 180 student days in a school year! We had 2 snow days in January so we lost our long President's day weekend, which is this Friday (Feb 12) and the following Monday (Feb15). Weather permitting, we're going to school those two days. Had we NOT had ANY snow days, we wou'd've had those off. Yesterday's snow day will be made up on March 19, which was supposed to be "winter break day" but now it's a snow make up day. Today, alas, and another other days that follow, will be added on to the end of the school year.

So yesterday was a day to relax, and today will be too- I still have a pile of books calling my name that I'll be reading (and I might take a walk and try to make some pictures of the blizzard)- but I'm going to try and do housework stuff so I can play all weekend.

Hope you're all having a great day!



Curley said...

Bundle up if you walk. The wind is howling out here but don't see much snow blowing with it, but then I'm not out on the roads. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the day.

Maggie said...

Curley- will bundle up for sure- it's just barely 19 degrees according to my weather gadget on the net!

You enjoy your day too!

Bragger said...

Ugh....we get snow just rarely enough that it's a treat. But enough is enough for you guys! Stay warm and read, read, read.

sam said...

I think I've got ya beat at boring. Got your email...will write back soon.