Friday, February 5, 2010

Book it!

So, guess what? In the month of January 2010- just last month- I read a grand total of 5 books. Yup, a grand total of 5. And so far, these five whole big days in February I've read 1. ONE book!

Is this really a big deal? Is it important? Why does this matter?

Well, last year during the month of January (2009) I read exactly 9 books. In one year the monthly difference is 4. What the hell? And by this time last year in February I had read 1 book, so there is still time to kick some February reading ass but I was just shocked that my January number is so low.

Last year my goal was to read 10 books a month and I came up shy 3 books for the entire YEAR. But if I keep going like this, I'll be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

I think my problem this year has been more of what I was talking about yesterday: being tired. I'm tired and stressed. I also have some other projects this January that I didn't at this time last year. And during January this year, I'm working full time at a school. Last year, in January, I was just subbing and I could read during the day. For example, last year in January I subbed for a whole week for a Spanish teacher. I speak no Spanish so he left a video for me to show to six periods a day: it was a Spanish soap opera. What would I do with the whole day then but read? And this went on for a week, mind you, so no wonder I killed off ten books in January 2009.

Who knows what February 2010 will bring? I hope I can read more than 5... I guess the odds are good since I have read one book and I have less than 100 pages of another so I might actually make a few more than 5. But if I want to surpass my own bad self for my February goal, then I need to read 13+ books since last year I read 12 in February.

Oh help. Why do I do this to myself?



Evil Pixie said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic! Say... I have some books on quantitative research methodologies that I have to write a 120 page paper on. Care to read those for me? I wouldn't mind. :D

Jimmie Earl said...

I beat you for once. I read 7 in the month of January. Na na na na na!

Curley said...

Reading is supposed to be for pleasure, not to compare how many you read this year versus last. Just enjoy the books and don't compare the number. Oh, and you have been busier this year.

Maggie said...

EvilP- quantitative wha?????????

Jimmie- please see Curley's comment below! So there! ;)

Curley- I'm trying to look at it that way but my subconscious don't like my brain to think like that.