Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news, I got... well, what have I got? What do you MEAN you don't know?

I suppose I should write something today, but I am just not up to it.

In addition to my stupid teeth, I now have a huge sore throat which is making my ears hurt. And to top that off, my throat is swollen up, like an enormous golf ball stuck in my esophagus and it hurts like hell. It hurts to swallow, to speak, to chew, to basically do anything.

I broke down and visited a 'doc in the box' since I don't have a personal doctor any more and since I also have no health insurance. (Holy cow this was expensive!) He told me my ears looked fine and my throat was just a little red, but yes, I did have some swelling in my glands, but not where everyone usually gets swelling. Gee, thanks- now not only do I have swelling, but I have unusual swelling. I told him I was worried because it was such a huge knot and he said he would give me an antibiotic. In 3-4 days I should see some difference in the swelling but to give it 10 days and if it doesn't go away to come back because then it might be more than swollen glands. And since my ears and throat look fine, other than the huge swollen gullet, then I probably have a virus or a bacterial infection and should feel better in ten days regardless.

So for $133 I have no idea what's wrong with me or if the swollen knot thingy will go away or even what it is.

Oh oh oh and this part I loved. He told me if the swelling got so bad it impaired my breathing I should go to the nearest hospital immediately. I'm SO thankful he gave me that advice since I would never have figure out to get medical care on my own if I couldn't breathe.

Health care is not something I feel the love for. Gawd, I probably have some rare weird thing that would make me a patient on House, MD if he were real.

He did rule out mumps. Gee, thank goodness for small favors..............



Curley said...

Sorry you don't feel well. I hope your swollen thingy goes away without any more problems. I myself was up half the night and came home early from work today with the stomach thingy and just feel really wrung out. Can't wait for tomorrow.

sam said...

Maggie Mae,

So sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better soon. The school board doesn't offer insurance? You and others who fall through the cracks is why I believe in united health care. The bill for my visit to the ER at Christmas for the chest pains was $34,000. Yes....that's thirty four thousand dollars.

Glad he claried what you had to do if you had trouble breathing.


Maggie said...

Curley- I'm sorry you don't feel well! The crud is everywhere! take care of yourself!

Sam- Oh. my.god. please please please tell ME you have insurance for the 34K. please.

And I've thought about writing President Obama and telling him I voted for him and believed in him long before he announced his candidacy but that I have no health care and didn't have a job for a year and qualified for no programs he introduced... and why did I vote for him again?

Pardon my ever growing Negative Nelly attitude, please...

sam said...

Hey, I came back to sign out and saw you here. I take it you know that word was supposed to be clarified!!!

Yes, I do have insurance. That is reason I stayed with my company for over 35 years. I am one of the lucky ones. I had to pay a co-pay for the ER.

It pisses me off that the people in the middle don't qualify for a lot of things.

Have you applied for food stamps? When you do your taxes check if you qualify for the EIC. Single people can apply.

Talk later........

Cheryl said...

Had something similar to this a few years ago. Was scared what it might be since any kind of swelling on boy is scary. Turned out to be just a flu like bug that went away in a few weeks.

Bragger said...

At least if you had mumps you would know what it was! Hope you feel better soon.

By the way, when I went for my laser vision enhancement evaluation, he basically told me I need to buy better lamps. And use eyedrops.

For the $750 I saved, I can buy a hell of a lot of lamps and eyedrops.

Shan said...

Poor poor Mags! I'm sorry you are down in the throat! Yeah, no gov't plan is gonna be awesome. Obama doesn't seem to have anything but scary stuff on his agenda. I wish there was some other way to get individual health care more affordably. My hubby has to work for a big company for anyone to insure me. I'm high maintenance in the med department. Sorry about all the bills lately. They seem to always hit at once! Get well quick!

Maggie said...

Sam/P- I am SO glad you have insurance! can you add a dependent? Do you want a dependent? Daddy-O might give me to you... haha!

Cheryl- swelling it scary, and it's huge, like a gold ball- not exaggerating. And it feels hard but this wacko quacko doc said it was because it was pressing against the esophagus which made it feel hard.

Bragger- let's go lamp shopping!!! that's awesome that what you found isn't going to involve more surgery!

Shan Shan Shan!!!!!! You're here! You're back! I've missed you! I was going to email but I was afraid if it was something bad I didn't want to upset you.

And thanks for the well wishes. And I am so glad, for you sake and for hubby's that you guys have health insurance!

I just wanna feel better.