Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quirky thoughts in my head

  • I have a pair of flannel pj pants and every time I wear them I end up with a red welt on my left hip. The welt hurts and then gets rubbed against all waist bands of all pants for a week, and finally scabs over. It's taken me about a year to figure out that it's the PANTS that cause the welt. I must turn over in my sleep and the flannel doesn't and gives me a rug burn sort of thing. I think I need to stop sleeping in those pants now that I know where the mysterious scarring comes from!
  • I will read a book by an author that I like. Then I'll read another one and not like it. Then I'll read the third one and hope for the best, but about 40 pages into the third one I know it sucks but I won't stop because I already invest 40 pages worth of my time. It's almost ODC that I must finish it. Hence my not very favorable review of Knit the Season, eh?
  • I still miss AlaskaSam every, single, damn day of my life. And I wonder if I always will.
  • I don't like to text. I can't multi- task when texting so I don't like to do it. I'd rather talk in person or on the phone or sit down and send a lovely long email.
  • When I was a little girl, the food on my plate could not touch. The meatloaf couldn't touch the mashed potatoes or the pears, etc. Unless it was a soup, a stew, or a casserole, where the food was intended touch, my helpings couldn't touch and if they did I wouldn't eat it. I also had to eat in alphabetical order. And to further add to my wacko-ness, I had to eat all of one thing before I moved to the other. As an adult, it's not so bad. I don't eat in alphabetical order anymore at all. BUT, I still HATE it when things on the plate touch. And most of the time I usually eat all of one thing before moving to the next, but it's unintentional. If I catch myself doing it, then I try to mix it up and eat a few bits of different things here and there. One year for Christmas Daddy-O (and Mother since she was still alive then) got me and SisIL divided plates and it was super awesome!
  • I was visiting blogs and was looking at recipes on food blogs and I found American In Ireland Sam as a team member on a food blog!! OMG! Totally random! I had no idea and was so shocked I about fell off my chair. I haven't heard one word from him since we ended a year ago in April yet I randomly stumbled over him on the 'Net. And who says it's a big world on the Internet? Wow...! Totally random...
  • I think not dating at all is better than going on a rare hit or miss date because then I don't realize how lonely I am when I am alone all of the time, rather than just some of the time.
  • I hate it when someone reads my magazines that come in the mail before I do. My name is on it and if I paid for it, it drives me nuts, and always has.
  • The reason my blog has a new look (which is totally temporary, by the way) is that at some point on Saturday, my blog HTML broke, somehow, and just stopped functioning. There were missing pictures, missing posts, the fonts were all various sizes, HTML code appeared in the middle, the banner at the top disappeared... it was weird. And since Saturday ended up being a high traffic day here at "shoes/purse", I grabbed this PINK Blogger template to tide me over. Now, if any of you out there find a free blog template with shoes and purses and that's pink, PLEASE send me the link; I'd sure appreciate it!
Maggie Mae

On another note...


Bragger said...

Amazing that you found him on the internet. My sister's husband and she got into a huge fight because she blogged about their neighbors. Her words: "What are the odds that they could just RANDOMLY come across this on the internet?" Hmmmmm...... He may have a point now!

Maggie said...

Bragger- it was the weirdest thing. It was just some random food blog and it was him- he used a picture of himself on his profile so I KNOW it was him. I wasn't even hunting for him or anything. hell, I hadn't thought of the guy in MONTHS.

The Husband could be right.....